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Friday, April 13, 2012

What Would Daddy Say?

Daddy was an old-fashioned, old school, all American guy...and I don't mean he was an athlete.  He didn't even watch sports.  However, he was an all American when it came to his cars.  Basically, they all came out of Detroit (or wherever GM was putting cars together).
2006 Toyota Highlander

Until this year, all my cars were GM as well.  Like father, like daughter.

It all started when I was 16.  Every kid wants a car, and I was no exception.  So Daddy bought me my first car.  It was a 16 year old's dream - a (used) 1970 Firebird.  I would be driving to school in style.

Next came a (new) Buick Skyhawk.  After about 10 years, and some problems caused by it being sideswiped in its infancy, I gave it up for a (used) Cutlass Ciera GT.  It was love at first sight... literally on the dealer's lot.  "That's my car!"

Now I was hooked on all things Oldsmobile, and when I needed a new car, I headed straight to the nearest Olds dealer.  The year was 1997 and enter a (new) Cutlass Supreme SL.  See a pattern here?  I remember calling Daddy to ask if he would like to be here when they delivered my new car.  Surprise!

1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Then a mere 12 years later, due to some inferior maintenance, it died. [sniff]

It take a while for me to choose cars, so in the meantime, hubby let me drive his.

**Now here is the real point of the story**  

All of our family's cars during my lifetime (except for a DeSoto and some other car from the 50s) had been GM.  Now I've gone and gotten a Toyota, and hubby is driving a Honda.

So, what would Daddy say?  

The answer would most likely be - "Whatever suits you."

Care to talk about your first car, or your favorite?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It Finally Happened!

You may remember several years ago I had a Day of Mourning after my car died.  That led to two years of searching (some might say I'm too picky) for another car.  As you know, we keep our cars for a long time, so I searched high and low for a car that would meet my wants and needs.  You can read about some of my adventures in My Quest for Wheels and More Car Stuff.  

Fast forward to the present.  The search is finally over, and I am the proud owner of a 2006 Toyota Highlander.  

Happy Birthday to me!
It has the power seats I need, and it even has a sunroof!  Now we have two reliable vehicles and hubby can actually drive his "new" car...after nearly two years.


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