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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Project Obliteration

The dog days of summer are brutal here in the South, and sweat runs in rivers before you have taken three steps. Alas, we must push onward. There is much to be done. Unfortunately, I again failed to take before pictures, so my description shall have to suffice.

This has been an eyesore for years with overgrown vines covering fallen sticks and hiding rocks from past flower gardens. The vines were mostly obliterated with the weed eater and out of control bushes were given a dramatic makeover. It's not finished, but at least it is not the embarrassing mess it was.

Project Obliteration shall continue until all the vines have been...well obliterated.

Garden update: We have gotten a number of shishitos from our one plant. The poblano has several peppers, as well as the bells. One tomato plant has some green tomatoes on it. The other, I think, is too chewed off to bloom. Maybe I can get some carrots planted for fall. Right now it is too stinking hot for tender plants to survive.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In the Good Old Summertime

This is Day 9 of the First Annual 10 Days of Heat writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaa. Today's prompt is Best Summer Memory. Please join me in checking out the other hot stories.

I'm not sure if the prompt is meant to be just this summer's bet memory, or the best-ever summer memory. Either way, there is no one best memory so I'm going to walk down memory lane through some of my fondest summer memories, in no particular order.

Parasailing in the Gulf of Mexico at Madeira Beach, FL. The experience takes you from flying across the water in a speed boat to sailing hundreds of feet above the Gulf. It was so peaceful up there, and the sounds of the city and boat seemed miles away.

Photo from Pixabay
Zam's swamp tours in Louisiana. It was a slow boat ride through the bayous and back waters of Louisiana where we saw fish, alligators, turtles, Nutria, and lots of birds. After the boat tour, we got a tour of the back yard, which was filled with alligators. There was a talk, but the guide was speaking Cajun French, and I didn't get most of it. It was there we had our first taste of alligator, and we've been eating it ever since. Here is a video from an actual tour.

Tom and Jerry's air boat tour on Lake Panasoffkee in Florida. That was an hour-long tour which took us on slow winding paths through tall grass to speeding across the wide open expanse of the lake. It was beautiful, and yes we did see alligators, turtles, and yep, more birds.

My photo from the Tom & Jerry Airboat

The fascination with water and boats continues. While vacationing in Maine one year, we took a sailboat tour out of Bar Harbor. It was a large sailboat with 3-4 masts. If you love boats and you've never done a tour like this, you should. We did a similar tour in Norfolk that went around the Harbor. That was an evening tour, and it gets chilly even in the summer.

Photo from Pixabay

Not to be forgotten was our trip to San Diego, and of course, the Pacific ocean. No trip is complete without a visit to Coronado and the famous Coronado Bridge.

Photo from Wikimedia
Are you sensing a theme here? What are some of your favorite summertime memories?

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Unofficial Start of Summer

Image Source: Wikipedia
While Memorial Day is often viewed as the unofficial start of summer and celebrated with picnics, parties and barbecues, it is a holiday that all Americans should take to heart.

It is the day when we honor the many men and women in the military who died while serving their country.  We owe these men and women a huge debt of gratitude because they were willing to give their lives that we might remain the free country our forefathers envisioned and dedicated their lives to making a reality.

So as we take to the roads, the beaches and the back yards, let us take a moment to remember them and say a special thank you for their sacrifice.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.