Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mid-August Garden Update

It has been a hot summer with what little rain we got coming in fits and starts. Four inches here, a half inch there, and plenty of sunshine. This meant lots of watering, and I was nearly as wet as the garden when I was done. It would have been nice of all that rain we had back in the spring had been spaced out a bit.

The second run of beans is still producing and we had a great dinner last night of fresh squash and beans, and a pepper from the garden cooked in with some fried potatoes. I should also mention that fresh-from-the-garden-parsley is amazing. Now I know that parsley actually has a fragrance. It was so good in my parsley, garlic, anchovy and olive oil sauce for our skirt steak. Yum! If you don't grow parsley, you should.

The squash have had a good run, but they are winding down and will soon be removed to start the fall garden. 

Hubby's tomato now has 5 tomatoes on it and we are hoping they will survive to ripen. Did I mention we are not seasoned gardeners? In my other bed, I have three zucchini and another pepper. The tag says it is ancho/poblano. Could be one or the other or a mixture. Doesn't matter to's all good. After the yellow summer squash, I am looking forward to some late summer zucchini.

Still to come are beets and maybe some more radish, and I hope to get onions and garlic in around the first of October.

What's in your garden now?

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  1. No veggies, but I could get cracking on that! Parsley too, on your recommendation. Maybe some sage, rosemary and tyme as well.

    I do have a cute little wonderful cat in my “song garden” named Ceviche.

    Mom used to ripen green and yellow tomatoes indide a window.


    1. Hey Jannie, thanks for dropping by. It's been a while. I revived this last spring when I decided to plant stuff. I do have sage and thyme, also, as well as some basil. I planted oregano, too, but it got overturned one too many times by critters. I have some "taters" in buckets. We'll see soon if they had any little taters.

  2. Hi Linda - no garden for me (sad to say) ... but love the tales of yours. Enjoy the results ... as Jannie says the tomatoes should ripen on the window sill ... or you could do the southern dish of green tomatoes ... enjoy the last of the summer - cheers Hilary


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