Friday, December 1, 2017

A Thankful Heart

Some thoughts for the season when emotions may be a little more intense. Take time to slow down and let go of the negative and embrace the positive. 

I wrote this as a Facebook post, and decided to expand it into a blog post. 

It seems that our holiday season is hurried and harried and oftentimes we find ourselves frustrated, short-tempered and on edge when we should be happy, relaxed and thankful. It is our culture of having and getting, giving and receiving the biggest and best of gifts, when it really should be about giving from the heart and being thankful for what we have. This goes back to what we learned earlier in the week from The Wisdom of the Doughnut.

Let us reflect on this a moment and then go forward with a different mindset and an open heart.

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  1. hi Linda - The Wisdom of the Doughnut was fun ... and so apposite to life - we need to be aware of where we want to go, but to share with others along the way - loved the doughnut story ... thanks and cheers Hilary

    1. You never know where you will find nuggets of wisdom.


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