Monday, March 27, 2017

Love It or Hate It?

I hold to the firm belief that letters belong in literature, not mathematics. 
― J. Spredemann

As a kid, I did well enough in school in all subjects except math. That was my Achilles heel. I did okay until the sixth grade and that was the beginning of my downfall with the onset of what they called "new math" whatever that was. They tried to teach me things like Base 8 and Base 10. I still have no idea what those are or who uses them and why...maybe Charlie on Numbers. Anyone watch that?

Who knew numbers could solve so many problems, even crime? What is the statistical probability that the suspect took bus #25 into town on Friday night, picked up the paper at a news stand, then walked 14 blocks to an alley behind the pawn shop on 12th Street to commit his nefarious act and return home by the nightly news? I'm sure there is an app algorithm for that.

And then came Algebra... I never did figure that stuff out. This can cooler is spot on and sums up my thoughts on that subject perfectly.

Available at Dollar math required!

Anyway, decades later my math skills consist of the basics, with a few percentages thrown in to calculate savings. I've come clean about my lack of Mathematics skills. What about you? Love it or hate it?

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  1. I hated math at the high school and college level. I worked my buns off to keep good grades but my heart and interest just wasn't in it. I appreciate that subjects like algebra force students to deal with problem solving and analytical thinking but those that spin it that it will come in handy some day are just bold face liars. (well unless one is to become a mathematician..gawd forbid.

    1. I am positive that most of my experiences with algebra were negative. I totally agree with the quote.

  2. Hi Linda - I used to enjoy maths ... but the school thought I wasn't that good at it - that was that really. Trouble is we use maths for everything ... feeding ourselves - quantities, music - rhythm ... movement of the earth ... and so it goes on - wish I understood it better ... fibonacci numbers in nature is another ... but we all muddle through .. cheers Hilary

    1. It is true that we use numbers every day and for me it is shopping, paying bills, cooking, not solving a complex equation for the value of x.


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