Wednesday, February 11, 2015

That's Our Girl

Is she looking for a little quiet time, or is she saying "Aha, the closet door is open...finally".  I wish I had a video of her approach.  You see even though the door was open there were a few obstacles in her way. 

This is just the spot for me!

While she was trying to figure out how to reach the shelf, she looked like a cat on a Pogo stick, bouncing up and down on her back feet as if trying to calculate the distance and thrust required to elevate her 12-pound self to her goal.  After a half dozen or so bounces she paused and tried to get in past the hamper. Nope, can't squeeze through the gap...more bounces. We were cracking up, trying to stifle our laughter so as not to scare her out of her mission.

She finally rethought her strategy and took the more circuitous route via a stool and a suitcase, then balancing on the hamper, stepped coolly onto the shelf.

"Well," I said "she's smarter than we thought."  Sometimes she gives the impression of being somewhat of a ditz.

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  1. Ha.. too cute. I have a ditzy one also but he's the most loving sweetheart so we look past his brain cramps. She must have looked adorable. And her middle name should be Jean(s).

    1. Hilary, we love our little ditz, too. After she got settled in, all you could see was ears sticking up. So cute.

  2. Oh, thank made me laugh!!! She looks kind of spooky in that picture, but don't tell her that:~)

    Aggie does this all the time. You open a door and before you can say, "zip, zoom, zap" she's inside and comfy. She's been unhappy just too cold for the little house cat, but she forgets it's cold. So, she goes to door and meows. We open it, she steps out on the porch, feels the cold and runs back inside. She's such a wimp, but I love her!

  3. Sara, thank you! It makes my day when I'm told "you made me laugh". She's a funny, quirky, fickle and sometimes ditzy girl, but like we say "she's our ditz". I don't know what she would think about the cold weather. She's quite content to be inside...not that I would let her out.

  4. That is one smart kitty! I have to say, you have an amazingly neat and organized closet. I am extremely jealous!

    She is very talented.. using her laser flashlight eyes to see in there! :)

    1. She does have her moments, and those eyes...can you say glow in the dark? Closet organization is an on-going process around here.


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