Monday, September 22, 2014

Quote of the Week

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, 
fluttering from the autumn tree. Emily Bronte

From the first green buds of Spring to the bright colors of Autumn, each leaf has a story. How often do we take the time to listen as each one gently falls to the ground?

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, and the trees are already beginning to speak.  Let's listen.


  1. Ours have been screaming. I scream back "It's too soon for autumn.. where did summer go?" ;)

  2. Hilary, ours are mumbling and grumbling, but not screaming yet. We should still have a good bit of warm weather left, although today is a chilly 59 degrees with clouds and some drizzle.

  3. I love the word "bliss." It's fun to say aloud and brings with it a sense of joy. I often associate animals with the idea of "bliss" as they seem to embrace it so naturally.

    We had a really windy day and I was surprised to see how many leaves were blown about. Ours haven't fully changed yet, but I'm aware it's getting close. We've even had some chilly mornings...well, for us:~)

    1. Sara, indeed animals are blissful, a state many of us wish we could achieve. We've had some cool, breezy days with occasional drizzle. I guess chilly is a relative term.


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