Thursday, September 25, 2014

Playing With Words

Rule #1 This is just for fun.

Choose a letter A-Z

Write down the first 5 words that come to mind beginning with that letter. Don't think of anything except that they start with that letter. Totally random, non-related words are better. Don't use variations of the same word such as bake, baking, baker, or groups such as food, feast, flavor.

Next write a poem or micro post of about 50 words, or up to 10 lines for a poem.

This is a fun mental exercise - not creating a masterpiece, so take about five minutes and see what you come up with.  

Rule #2 Please share your gem in the comments section.

Image Source: sweeter-than-reality

For mine I chose H.

My words were:  hollow, hump, heavy, heart, hook

Upon a hollow log
Sat a heavy frog
He jumped and jumped
Over the mossy hump
Bless his little heart
That old frog was smart
Until he landed in the brook
And he got caught
Upon an old fish hook


  1. Ah.. fun stuff. I wrote my five words down before I saw what we were to do with them and that you had also chosen H. I decided on a five line limerick for the words Horse, Hot, Hand, Heliotrope and Hormones

    There once was a horse named Sir Canter
    Who fell in love with a hot little panther
    He did hand her some flowers
    Employing Heliotrope power
    Her hormones well woed by the enchanter.

  2. Most excellent, Hilary. Love it! Your limerick definitely made me smile. Interesting that we chose the same letter. Thank you for playing!

  3. Hi Linda - interesting:

    Jelly, Jalopy, Juniper, Jazz, jaune

    Autumn colours reflect our lives ... young, old, wizened, ageing ... those days of Jazz, before arthritically we turned our jaune coloured selves ... when we had our jalopy traversing our America, settling for rabbit stew flavoured with juniper jelly … those were the days of youth, now autumnal in their years.

    52 words ... cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Hilary, thanks for playing. Great words and a great story and very colorful and flavorful.


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