Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Fun

Last month I had the long-awaited opportunity to visit Ashley and her family in the far-away place known as Ephrata, PA.  We lived next door to each other in our youth, and although youth is rapidly fading into our middle years, we are still close despite the miles between us.

So before I get maudlin, let's get on with the fun stuff.  Below is Sheba, a sweet, lovable Labradoodle who belongs to Scott, her oldest son. 

Not only is she adorable, she is smart too.  We were sitting outside with her and she was demonstrating her ability to come, sit, lay down, etc. when Ashley told Michael to have her l-a-y-d-o-w-n for a treat (spelling it out). Sheba responded by laying down.  We tried it again and she did it again.  We told Scott later that Sheba could spell.

While Ashley is born and bred a Southern gal, she has taken great pride in finding fun and interesting things to do in her own backyard. She truly does bloom where she is planted. And speaking of blooms, aren't these pretty?  This is a flower tree at Knoebels Amusement Park, about an hour or so from their house.

If you like groovin' to the oldies, the group singing here would be right up your alley, with such songs as Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Surfin' Safari and The Twist.

For a different kind of music, check out the old Wurlitzer Organ tapping out a lively beat.

What trip to an amusement park would be complete with a ride on good old wooden roller coaster? Well, it's not my cup of tea, but the boys enjoyed it. We all later enjoyed the Black Diamond ride through a haunted coal mine.

We capped off the adventure with a ride on the giant ferris wheel.  It had been a very long time since I had ridden one, but it was fun and afforded us a great view of the park, and the surrounding countryside.

The next day we traveled to Strasburg to ride the steam train.  It was a 45 minute journey through Amish country...literally through the cornfields.  The engine puffed black smoke from it's coal fire and chugged along at a leisurely pace.  Here you can see it at the station waiting to depart on it's next run.

As many exotic places as there are to explore, there are just as many here in our own corner of the world. With every trip I take I make new discoveries, whether it is a new destination or favorite vacation spot. Many thanks to Ashley and her family for hosting us!


  1. Thanks for coming Linda. I wish you could be here during each season. You captured Knobles really well. It's a unique place too.

  2. Hi Linda .. sounds like you had fun catching up, doing a few different things and seeing new sights - can understand the non-desire for the wooden roller-coaster!

    Great that Ashley and family are always happy to see you ... happy memories too - cheers Hilary

  3. Oh, I'm glad you had such a nice trip. The pictures are wonderful and thank you for sharing them.

    I might have been convinced to do the Ferris wheel, but definitely not the roller coaster. You wouldn't want to be beside me on a roller coaster as they make very SICK:~)

    Love the story about Sheba. She's an interesting looking dog and I like her face:~)

  4. Ashley- It was totally our pleasure. Knoebels was a fun place!

    Hilary- We always have a blast together, and she has found lots to do in her new town.

    Sara- It was wonderful. We did the tram up the mountain, too. It was an old, repurposed ski lift. That was interesting - glad I didn't lose my sandals. We gladly let the boys enjoy the roller coasters. The Black Diamond was fun, though.

  5. What fun... I enjoyed listening to that organ music video.

    That Sheba is a cutey!


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