Monday, July 14, 2014

Quote of the Week

Colors are the smiles of nature. - Leigh Hunt

Tulip Poplar
Flowers and trees
Butterflies and bees
Sunrises and sunsets
Are all nature's smiles


  1. What a beautiful flower! I don't think we have this flower where I live. I'll have to look this up. Maybe, it's too hot here. But you did a great of capturing it's bloom:~)

    Of course, I like the quote and it is so true!

  2. Hi Sara, glad you like my poplar bloom - it's from the tree I planted 20+ years ago. They range from Northern Florida to mid NY, being among the tallest trees on the East Coast they can grow up to 190 feet.

  3. Hey, I just read the section about all your cats. It was nice to see them all, but I must admit, I had tears in my eyes when I got to Rosie.

    I like that you wrote this and included interesting tidbits about each cat...showing their personalities.

  4. And all of those make ME smile!! I love nature!

  5. Sara- Glad you check out the cat section. I have problems with the fonts sometimes...html...grrrr. Anyway, you get to see the history of our cat family.

    Katherine- Me too!

    Sorry I've been so slack in answering comments. Got a case of the busies!


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