Friday, July 11, 2014

Dood Climbs a Tree

You're probably thinking what's the big deal?  So the cat's on the cat tree, what a surprise. Well, it was. You see after years of living with cats, we finally got a tree for them. This was shortly after Sophie came to live with us (2007), and we thought they would all enjoy it since there are multiple perches and hidey places. There's even a crows nest on the top which Sophie claimed right away.

Look at me!
In fact she was the only one interested in the tree at all.  Rosie would lay along the base in the sun, but never ventured up (well once and then he was in pursuit of Sophie).  Dood just ignored it.  Maybe because he had climbed the real thing outside...who knows.  He doesn't like catnip either.

So imagine our surprise one day when we found Sophie in one of the tubes and Dood sitting above her looking down.  We figured it was like with Rosie, he followed Sophie. Now we occasionally find Dood perched on the tube nearest the window surveying the world outside from a different perspective.

Hide and seek?
I can see clearly now!
One theory is that Dood frequently took his cues from Rosie so maybe since Rosie didn't use it, he wouldn't either.  At any rate, our kitties continue to surprise and delight us.


  1. That's so cute. I love the pictures of Dood:~) Looks like he's discovering the window advantages of your "tree."

    Aggie's "tree" is on our porch and she occasionally uses it. When she does, she bounds up to top and sits with one leg dangling over the edge, watching the birds fly to and from the feeder.

  2. Sara- We were so pleased to see him up there. Especially since he and Sophie are occasionally at odds. They are not the buds that they each were with Rosie so they pretty much do their own thing.

    The top is like a round cat bed and that is Sophie's territory. I have a youtube video of her in it.

  3. Hi Linda - they are creatures of their own hearts aren't they ... totally independent ... Dood what a great name .. and they both look happy ... cheers Hilary

  4. That makes me want to get a cat tree for my kitty!!!! Those are great pictures. A bet a bunch of cats would just ignore the cat tree because, well, cats are cats. It is so cool yours embraced it! And your cats are beautiful btw!

  5. Cats are soooo interesting and a constant source of amusement. Yours are beautiful.

  6. Hilary- Dood got his name or nickname from Doodle. His official name is R.P. which came from either reverse panda or Red's protege (he had a best friend and mentor we called Red). I started calling him Doodle and like all names, it morphed into Dood. I should do a post on the cat names and their aka's.

    Katherine- We hoped they would all use it, but cats will be cats and when Sophie claimed the top spot that was it.

    Jayne- Thank you! Ours are very sedate, but every now and then they get a wild hair and bat their toys around.


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