Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Stalker

Stalking is something that happens to other people.  You know famous people, important people.  I never figured that would be me.  She is beautiful, I will admit, and I suppose I'm partly to blame for my situation.  I took pity on her and friended her because...well she lives with a bunch of real dogs.  

Now I find her waiting for me when I get home.  She appears from out of nowhere whenever I venture outside.  She boldly shows her affection for me and tries to force her way into my home. To get my attention, she throws herself at my feet, and when I try to leave her, she chases me down and trips me.  She even attacked my hubby.

To make matters worse, she lives next door and can scale the fence in two seconds flat.  Who knows...I may have to become a hermit.  Where is the "unfriend" button?

This is the face of a stalker!

She really is beautiful.

You know I'll find you!

Her moods can be as explosive as the pistol she was named for, but in all fairness to the lovely Beretta, she has calmed down some, and I no longer fear a feline home invasion.  Maybe living with six humans and a pack of dogs is sometimes just too much for her and she needs a little one-on-one with a cat person.  I can understand...that would make me a little nuts too.  I guess she could use a friend.


  1. We have one of those too. She comes in the house and eats our cats food, bold as brass :)

  2. That's it for sure...she needs a litte refuge at a quiet place with someone who likes cats. She is quite pretty.

  3. Oh, she is a beauty. I guess, as stalkers go, you lucked out! And it's sweet of you to take her in from time to time.

  4. Linda,

    As tough as it to have a troubled child visit, it obvious she's knows a cat person when she sees one:~)

    I always say of the domesticated animals (if cats are actually domesticated), they have excellent instincts and usually choose people they can trust:~)

    She is quite adorable, as well...but the attacking stuff isn't so great. That sounds like a stressed cat. Why would someone have a small cat with a pack of dogs and too many people?

    To confess, I once stole a cat from some people who mistreated her. She was basically living with me anyway and when I moved, I couldn't leave her. She was almost feral, but eventually I got to let me pet took ages.

    Happy day to you:~)

  5. Awww! She definitely knows where she can be understood, Linda. We used to have a cat stalker, too...we called him Monkey Face (we never knew where he came from). Our dogs didn't deter him...our cats tolerated him. Eventually, though, he stopped showing up...I always wonder if he moved away or if something dire happened.

  6. Oh she is absolutely beautiful. What a face.. what a sweetie. Enjoy her. I know you will. Cute post, Linda. :)

  7. Babs- Sometimes she's calm and lays around the yard and other times she tries to come inside...which wouldn't make my cats too happy.

    Cheryl- Just as long as her refuge is limited to outdoors.

    Nicky- She really is gorgeous and usually sweet, but when she's of a mind, she can stick like glue.

    Sara- There are two couples and two children living next door, and they love animals and like to foster dogs. Beretta was taken in by them when she was about 2 weeks old (she is now about one year). One gal works at a boarding/grooming place so all animals are current on shots and cared for. It's just all those dogs!

    Talon- Sometimes outside cats do decide to move away for whatever reason.

    Hilary- She is beautiful and sweet and sometimes a tad irritating when you're trying to get in the house with groceries or do yard work next to the street. I held my breath one day when she showed up and got between me and the street and cars were whizzing by.

  8. So pretty! :-)I would not mind being stalked by her. Hehe.


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