Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beneath the Poplar Tree

I planted this tree a little more than 20 years ago as a seedling that I dug up from the woods next to our house.  It started out in a large soft drink cup and when it outgrew the cup and looked like it was going to make it, I planted it.  My guess is that it's nearly 2 feet in diameter and at least 50 feet tall.  Although the tree did all the work, I am very proud of having grown it from a mere sprout. 

So many people around here now are cutting down perfectly good trees and leaving their yards looking sad and naked.  It just breaks my heart when I see those lovely, healthy trees destroyed, leaving only ground out stumps and piles of sawdust.  I guess it is the fear of what might happen one day.

We are having a tree taken down, too, but for safety reasons only.  If it were healthy, that old maple, with all it's interesting character, would remain there shading the house for many years to come.  Fortunately, it is on the north side of the house and the neighbors have a large elm nearby so there will still be some shade. 

This is why it has to go.  It is so hollowed out it's a wonder it's still standing, but to look at the top of the tree, you'd never know it.  We (mostly me) have been putting this off for a long time but each year the hollow gets bigger and bigger and sooner or later, something will set up housekeeping in there, or it will go over in a big puff of wind...not a pleasant thought.  So Friday down it comes [sniff].

For now, cheers from beneath the poplar!



  2. Gorgeous tree, Linda. We have the same thing here. A neighbor just cut down about 10 trees...perfectly healthy. Broke my heart. Asked why and they said they didn't like the mess. Now their yard looks barren and naked. I once wouldn't let my hubby take down a birch that was clearly ready to go and ended up with a hole in the roof when it broke in a windstorm. After that, though it hurts, I let him tend to the trees the way they need to be...even if it means leaving them.

    Wishing you a Happy Fourth of July in advance!

  3. What a lovely tree to grow and see it become a strong tree, from a little seedling :)

    It is sad to see trees being cut down, but thankfully, we have plenty of trees here, in Yorkshire. In fact we have a large garden that is full of really old, hollow trees. It's a stately home and they leave the grounds and trees to nature (intentionally), only cutting trees down if they are a real danger. We often walk in those grounds. We love it there.

  4. I am so behind in blog reading, Linda but today is the day, I hope to catch up.

    How appropriate that I would start with your post about trees. We had to remove a huge tree from our yard last week as a storm put a huge crack down the trunk and we were worried for it's future safety. I am quite sad looking at the huge bare space that remains. I, too don't understand people purposefully removing healthy trees.

  5. OH NOOOOO it is down by now! I am so sorry! it is time to plant a new tree..... put a leaf from the old in the hole!

  6. Your tree is gorgeous, Linda. And I am always sad to see trees get chopped down, for no good reason.

  7. Steve Finnell- Thanks for visiting.

    Talon- There is so much of that going on these days. We have two large pecan trees in our front yard and the poplar out back plus a smaller pecan. The maple is coming down this Friday (the date got postponed).

    Babs- While a well manicured lawn is beautiful, I love a wooded lot.

    Cheryl- I stay behind these days. Got a lot of projects going on that take away from reading/commenting time. Sorry you had to lose a tree. It leave a bare spot not only in our yards, but in our hearts as well.

    Katherine- Our take down date got postponed a week. It stands until this Friday (barring another postponement).

    Meleah- It is heartbreaking. They do us so much good.

  8. I had the same thing happen with an lovely oak tree. It was right outside my office window and I could the squirrels chase each other around it. I still miss the tree, but it was dangerous.

    Congratulations on raising such a beautiful tree. It's not easy to do from a seedling, but you did it:~)


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