Saturday, May 4, 2013

In Plain Sight

Betcha can't see me now.
Do you see the spider...hidden in plain sight?  Some of the best camouflages are found in nature.  I think this one is a Wolf Spider, and he recently participated in a capture and release program.  He was captured in the basement and released into a natural area outside.

Here is his release photo.  The capture equipment consisted of a flat piece of metal and something to contain him during transport.  As you can see he has been accessorizing with items found in the basement.

He quickly departed the table for the safety of the ground below.  They are fast!

Oh what a tangled web...wait, that's not mine!
He did allow us to remove some of his new-found accessories so he could hasten his escape.  Hopefully he found suitable quarters elsewhere.

I'm planning a change in my blogging schedule, but at this time I'm not sure what days I will be posting - other than Monday's Quote of the Week.  Thanks for reading Roses to Rainbows, and I hope you'll stick around while I sort this out.


  1. I too practice "catch and release" tactics with spiders. I use a clear plastic cup and a postcard to nab them in the house. (I actually like spiders but don't want them inside.) I take them out to the garden and I think that's a much better atmosphere for them. I was fortunate enough to see a hatching a couple of years ago. About a thousand tiny golden spiders no bigger than the head of a pin took off on wispy little pieces of web to where ever they go! I was so charmed at the sight that it nearly made me cry. Amazing creatures!

  2. I tend to use a dustpan "scoop and a plastic cup and pretty much use the same strategy as you. I hate killing any bugs/insects so I try to remove them to the outdoors. But spiders do freak me out.

  3. Linda- Hubby does all the catch and release duty at our house. Sometimes we have an invasion of tiny spiders in our basement. Unfortunately they live over the clothe lines I have set up and thus have to be eliminated. Today, I found another (the same?) spider in the basement. I encouraged him to get out of my way so I could clean the cats' potty.

    Cheryl- I leave the scooping up to hubby. I don't get too freaked out too much, depending on where I find them.

  4. That is one big spider! It took a while, but I finally saw it in the first pic.

    And of course I will stick around, as often as I possibly can. :p

  5. You know I'll still be around regardless of the changes you make:~)

    Regarding spiders, I also catch the ones inside and release them. Aggie never bothers the spiders very much. I suppose they are too fast.

    I had one in my bathroom, but he'd found a crevice and every time I tried to capture him, he'd disappear. Eventually, he seemed to get used to me or began to grown hungry, but I was able to finally catch him -- I use a glass and a plate -- and release him outside.

    It's funny, but this gives such a good feeling. I don't like killing bugs unless I have to.

    Your pictures are GREAT, by the way:~)


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