Saturday, February 9, 2013

The not-so-15-Minute Shower

It is day 9 of the 30 minus 2 days of writing hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  Today's prompt is "15 minutes".  Visit Nicky's page to see what the other long-suffering participants have written.

It is Saturday morning, and like most mornings I woke up hungry.  Only this morning is different.  Not only am I hungry (we usually go out for breakfast on Saturdays), but I have nothing to offer for today's prompt.  Hubby asks if it's okay if he grabs a 15-minute shower - he's playing to the prompt you see.  I say fine.  

Now there is something you need to know, but would probably rather not because it borders on TMI, but here goes anyway.  Hubby is not known for short showers, nor is he known for starting those showers upon entrance to the bathroom.  If you've ever heard the expression "reading room", you have your answer, but there's more.

Are you gonna brush me?
Enter Sophie.  Yes, the cat, or more appropriately, his cat.  That is where she likes to spend quality time with her Daddy.  He brushes her.  Her little pink hair brush sits next to the wastebasket, and it's not unusual to find copious amounts of Sophie hair in there after brushing session.

Back to the present.  I am sitting on the bed with my notebook and tablet (and my cat) struggling to come up with something read-worthy on the subject of 15 minutes. I set the stopwatch function on my phone and after 25 minutes I had not heard the water start.  Because he can't hear me over the fans, I get up to move things along.  I say, "You said you were going to take a 15-minute shower and it's been over 25 minutes and you haven't even started."  

Hubby:  "Well, now you've got your story"

Conclusion:  He finally got his shower in the time it took me to write this, which proves he can shower in under 15 minutes, and this is what you get when I've got nothing to give.


  1. Well at least he turns the fan on. i'm forever getting in trouble for forgetting to do that.

  2. I'm guessing that the cat doesn't join him in the shower...

  3. I have a cat named "Sophie" as well. She doesn't follow me into the bathroom...I have two others who do that...and believe me, it's not conducive to doing "non-shower" activities when a cat is jumping on your lap and rolling around on the floor. If I close the door all the way - they meow and scratch to get in. If I pull it so it's shut but not closed all the way...they walk right in. I can't win in the bathroom...I do not like to be "watched" by cats. ROFL

  4. AWWW Sophie is so cute!!! What a good girl to like to get brushed. (could Sophie tell my 2 cats that brushing is a good thing).

    I have never timed my husband in the shower but 15 minutes wouldn't cover it.

  5. A cat in a bathroom creeps me out. I don't like being watched. Not by anything!

  6. Hey Linda! Sometimes it just all falls together beautifully, doesn't it? Indigo x

  7. Funny, Jepeto also has a "reading" room. The cat doesn't follow him in there though. I think she's quite aware that 9 lives simply wouldn't be enough for that! :-)

  8. I can totally recognise the no inspiration thing, these prompts are killing me. I might have to resort to writing about the cats soon. ;)

  9. nonamedufus- We have fan/heat unit overhead, so there are a lot of benefits of turning it on.

    laughingmom- No, she waits until he's done then she gets on the side of the tub and licks the water off the wall. Sometimes she even gets in the tub, leaving hair all over the place.

    Mariann- No, it's not conducive to non-shower activities. That's why it takes so long to complete the process.

    Cheryl- She will actually paw at the brush, like saying "brush me, please".

    P.J.- You would really be creeped out around here - we have 3 and they all like the bathroom.

    life in the mom lane- Thanks!

    Indigo- Yes, it's a beautiful thing!

    Nicky- I think reading rooms are a guy thing.

    Ziva- Oh please, write about your cat, she's adorable.

  10. lol - that's so funny, Linda. Our labradoodle, Charlie, always comes into the bathroom when I have my shower. She knows that generally after my shower is when she and Riley get to go out and play :)

  11. Isn't it great when everything just comes together in the end? You've just reminded that I really need to brush my cats more often. I don't think I have the patience to make it a daily ritual, though.

  12. LOL...I suppose it is a nice time to brush a cat. I mean you've got plenty of time as long as the cat stays nearby:~)

  13. Talon- I guess the lure of the human bathroom is universal to our furry friends.

    K-Z.- Sophie really misses her Daddy when he's away, 'cause I don't perform the ritual.

    Sara- She not only stays, but loves it.


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