Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hello Mr. President

It is day 12 of the 30 minus 2 days of writing hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  Today's prompt is "The Day I Met Abraham Lincoln".  Visit Nicky's post to see more creative stories.

The year was 1863, and President Lincoln was about to make a speech that would be known forever more as the "Gettysburg Address."

150 years later...

Ready as I'll ever be so here goes
Press start
Set date to 1863
Turn dial clockwise to 150
Press launch and close eyes
Count to 5
Open eyes

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States."

This is truly amazing.  It worked.  I don't believe it. Well, I always knew it was possible. At least I thought it was possible.  I hoped it was possible.

Oh the doors this could open. We have the chance to relive history, to right wrongs, and to learn what we should have learned the first time.  We can prevent diseases, save lives, and maybe even prevent wars.  

As I look around I see a crowd gathering.  Abraham Lincoln is taking the stage.  I am about to witness the famous Gettysburg Address.  This is terrific, huge, earth shattering, but as with much technology today, in the wrong hands this could be dangerous. 

As I study the crowd, one thing I didn't think about is my appearance.  I stick out like a sore thumb.  All the women we were wearing long dresses and bonnets.  The men were dressed in suits and hats.  The plain and the fashionable alike had turned out to hear their President, and here I stood in my 21st century clothes with my mouth agape, staring like some deranged fool.  That should raise some eyebrows.

Fortunately, for the moment all eyes were on Lincoln.  His speech was important and everyone was riveted.  "Four score and seven years ago..."  It sent chills up and down my spine.  I'm standing in the middle of one of the most written about periods in our history.  I had to pinch myself to believe I was really here.

All the years of research, late nights and testing paid off, and now, like the rest of the audience, I stood with eyes glued to the stage.  Only unlike the others, I had future knowledge of where the country was headed and how hard the next years would be.  A shattered country, continued war, loss and years of rebuilding afterward.

He finished speaking and amid thunderous applause he walked out into the crowd, shaking hands and speaking with constituents.  Then he noticed me standing there still staring like a crazy person, my eyes following his every move and my camera case hanging from my shoulder.

"I say there madame I don't believe you are from around here.  Might I ask where you are from?" 

As he approaches me, I'm thinking this is fantastic...no wait, it's a disaster.  I could be in real trouble here.  I put all my efforts into getting here, with little thought to what I'd do after I got here so I can't explain my presence.

"Hello Mr. President", I said, "I don't think you would believe me if I told you."

And that is how I met Abraham Lincoln.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get back and share your story with us. Lincoln was a very civil man, don't you think?

  2. Nice take on today's theme - I wouldn't have thought to go that way- backwards that is...

  3. Great take on the theme, Linda. :)

  4. Nicely done. I thought about going back in time too but with my luck I'd end up in the middle of the Civil War.

  5. I LOVED IT:~) Well done. You now enter the SyFy genre. This would fun to continue. Have your character end at difference historical events.

    This was good story and a fun read:~)

  6. Wouldn't that be awesome to stand in the midst of history. I love your take on today's prompt.

  7. How freaky would that actually be, standing there knowing what you know now?

  8. What? You didn't take any photos to show us? Dang!

  9. nonamedufus- I do think so, indeed.

    laughingmom- Thanks! It is all I could think of.

    Ziva- Thank you!

    Mike- Well, in a way I was in the middle of it, just not a battle. Otherwise I'd have been in even more trouble.

    Sara- Thank you! It was an interesting prompt to write to.

    Cheryl- Thank you. I think it would be awesome, too.

    Paula- Freaky, Scary!

    Malisa- Sorry. I was star-struck.

  10. I know this was a tough one for a lot of people (it's all Ziva's fault) but you nailed it! Beautifully done, Linda.

  11. Hey Amy! I always wonder about that photo of Abe; was the man drunk when he had it taken? And why does he look like a strategically-shaved monkey? Indigo

  12. Nicky- Thanks so much. Ziva says it wasn't her idea...

    Indigo- Amy? Who's Amy? Anyway, I think that is most-seen picture of Abe, and I never really thought about it. Figured that's just the way he looked.

  13. I still don't believe time travel is possible. Are you sure you're taking your meds correctly? ;)

  14. You should have said:

    "Dude, I used to live next door to you."

  15. Excellent! It's really interesting to compare how different people got to mmet him.

  16. This was a really enjoyable read. I liked following your internal thoughts and realizing that if I were in your situation, I probably would have been thinking many of the same things. You've really captured the moment here. Well done.


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