Monday, January 28, 2013

Quote of the Week

You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.  - Michael Pritchard
If laughter keeps you young, then we are in good shape.  Sophie is always good for a laugh.  This is the bag I use for food when we're going on vacation.  I should have known this wasn't a good idea.  Bags, boxes, they're all fair game where Sophie is concerned. 


  1. And what a pretty kitty!!! My kids make me laugh when I need it the most... I totally agree with this!!

  2. That is the best quote ever. Laughter really does CURE all. And quite frankly, I think laughter is just as essential as air!

  3. This is a great quote, Linda. I agree with Meleah; laughter is just as essential as air.

    And your Sophie is so cute. I remember when there were cats in the house, how they would do just what she is doing.

    They loved snooping in empty bags and boxes after we'd unpacked our groceries. Pets will certainly instigate some laughter around the house.

  4. How right your quote is. Sophie also knows what a beautiful picture she makes. I think that she blogs by proxy!

  5. I'm a great believer in laughter keeping you young. Mo and I laugh all the time and plan to never stop!

    What a sweet kitty Sophie is.

  6. Katherine- Sophie says thank you!

    Meleah- Sometimes I laugh so hard I literally run out of air.

    Davina- Thanks. Sophie has a knack for finding interesting boxes and bags. Nothing is safe.

    Anji- I think she knows, too. She also like to lie on her back just about anywhere, and not just when we are looking either. That's just Sophie!

    Babs- Not only do you guys laugh a lot, you crack us up, too. Sophie really is a sweetie.

  7. So true about laughter. I have video for you:

    If the link doesn't work, go to YouTube and search for BBC Walk on the Wild Side. I guarantee you'll be laughing.


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