Friday, December 7, 2012

The Rose Garden: The Wedding

Six months earlier.  "She said yes, Mother!" Gerald shouted, ecstatically.  "Can you believe it?  She actually said yes."  Gerald knew his mother was lurking somewhere nearby.  She usually did when he was alone in the garden. 

Allison sat cross-legged on the floor in the living room amidst a mountain of catalogs and brochures.  Her blond hair hung in ringlets around her face as she bent over a cake catalog, murmuring "chocolate with vanilla icing, or butter cream with chocolate icing?  No, I'd rather have carrot cake."

Gerald had been watching from the next room, thinking she had never looked lovelier than she did now in her faded jeans and Bon Jovi T-shirt, representing Allison's favorite band.  They went to see them the month before in Atlanta when they had picked up her wedding dress.  She deemed "Thank You For Loving Me" as 'our song' and they danced in the aisle as the band played.

Spotting him she smiled.  "Gerry, have you talked to the photographer and videographer?"  "I want to make sure they can be here for the rehearsal dinner, too.  Did you mention that?"

"Yes, dear, we are on their schedule for Friday night, and they will be at the church at noon on Saturday," replied her future husband patiently.  "Everything is under control.  You have gone over every detail to the utmost and then some."

"Are you saying that I have obsessed over my perfect day?"

"Not at all, sweetheart, not at all."

"Well, I still have to choose the cake.  What do you think?  Chocolate or vanilla?  Traditional or carrot cake?  Maybe even carrot cake squares with little miniature candy carrots for decoration?  I like it!  It's settled."

"I love a woman who's not afraid to make a decision" said Gerald, laughing.

All brides have issues and obstacles to contend with to make it the perfect wedding, and there is seldom such a thing.  The food is overcooked or undercooked, or someone has one too many cocktails and causes a scene or botches the toast to the bride and groom.  And so after many months of planning, comparing prices, interviewing photographers, and sampling countless hors d'oeuvres, the big day finally arrives.  

As Gerald dons his rented tux, he fumbles with the tie.  Frustrated, he mumbled "how does this go again?"  Then he smiles, remembering their first lunch in the rose garden.  It is so fitting that they exchange their vows in that same garden.  That's why they planned a Spring wedding.  The vestiges of Winter have faded away, but the wrath of Summer was not yet upon them and Mother's yellow roses were in full bloom just as he knew they would be.  

Allison emerges as the music begins.  Dum dum de dum... Her bridesmaids lead the way, their matching pale blue dresses swaying as they walk.  The bride was a vision of loveliness in her gown of satin and lace, strolling down the aisle as if on air.  Her hands cradling a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses.  She chose to wear her hair down covered with a lacy veil dotted with seed pearls.

Allison's face was radiant as she turned to Gerald.  He, himself, beaming to rival the sun.  What a glorious day.  Gerald wishes his mother could be there, and yet, at the same time he knows she is.  After all it is her garden. 

The minister is speaking.  "Do you, Gerald, take this woman...?  Do you, Allison, take this man...?"

They recite the vows they wrote together to each other.  The minister pronounces them husband and wife..."you may kiss your bride" he said. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McLandon.  Congratulations!"

When they reached their table with their cake and champagne, Gerald notices a small box with a note at his place.  He opened the box and his eyes widened with a mixture of disbelief and amazement.  It was the diamond brooch that his father presented to his mother on their 25th anniversary.  The note said "For Allison".

Allison did, indeed, have the perfect wedding day.

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  1. I didn't see that ending coming. I was loving the sweet sentimental idea of the garden. Is his mother going to be a presence in their lives? Is she a friendly ghost? I think it must be a good thing if she is giving Allison her jewelry.

  2. Awwwwwwww!

    Linda, this is FABULOUS!

    I love how the ghost mother lovingly accepts Allison into the family with her diamond brooch!

  3. Cheryl- I am glad you enjoyed it! I would imagine she will be a presence in some way, certainly as far as Gerald is concerned. I don't know if, or how much, Allison knows about Gerald's mother. I can only write what comes through from my characters. Each part has had it's own twist at the end.

    Meleah- Thank you! Apparently his mother was a special lady. She treats people the same way she treats her roses - with love.

  4. Hi Linda .. that was just lovely - is it a book .. if so apologies I'm obviously been missing something somewhere. Loved the description and the twist - then am pleased to know the rose connection ..

    Really cheered me up - roses and Spring and weddings - now where's the man?! Cheers Hilary

  5. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I speed read this... it was so beautifully written I could not wait to see how it ended. I was so nervous. I just knew there was a divorce... a huge problem with the wedding... something! But the end... would you believe I choked up!!??? Some of your BEST writing!

  6. I love your stories. I hope you continue to give me more views into this romance/marriage. I love seeing glimpses of those I love in your stories!

  7. Hilary- I am glad you enjoyed the story. I just keep waiting to see what the characters do next. Yellow roses are some of my favorites.

    Katherine- Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I had begun to wonder if there was anything creative left in me. I love to put those little twists in at the end. The ending was actually a rewrite, but I think it was more fitting. I don't think we've heard the last of these unique characters.

    Ashley- Thank you! As you know, writing comes from life experience. We'll just have to wait and see that they do next. Gerald's mother is indeed quite the character.

  8. I loved this story and its ending. What a perfect path to take the story on with the surprise of the ring...I love how you made this story slightly spooky, but not too much....and I'm glad the yellow roses were in bloom for the ceremony.

    It's also nice to see you writing fiction again. I've missed your stories very much!


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