Friday, November 9, 2012

The Waiting

I sit and wait.  The waiting becomes unbearable.  I wonder will my suffering never end?  Suddenly I hear a deep rumbling growl.  Startled, I look around...nothing.  Tick, tick, tick.  I hear the clock slowly, painfully clicking off the seconds one by one.  Just when I think I can't take another minute - Ding!  Pizza!

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. Oh yes! ding! sometimes I pace- thanks!

  2. Oh, yes, that urgency for food feeling....well done.

  3. izzy- I hope I didn' t make you hungry!

    ReBelle- My hubby and I tag team on the pizza. I make it and put it in the oven and he takes it out and slices it. We have it down to a science! ;)

  4. Time slows way down when you're hungry.

  5. ha. waiting is def the hard part....and mm for pizza, that sounds really good right about now...

  6. Linda...?
    Is that a Pizza Stone?
    I love making home-made Za!
    Loved your pepperonni 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for remembering that it's Friday, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. I love pizza!!! That might be the food I would pick if I was limited to only one food for an extended period of time. Could I ever tire of it???

  8. You put wax paper between your stone and the pizza? I thought the whole idea was the crust baked nicely ON the stone. Hmmm... is this a trick I should know about?

    Loved your "unbearable" wait....

  9. Alice Audrey- It sure does!

    Tempa - It really is.

    Brian- It's always a good time for pizza,

    G-Man- Yep, it's me, and that is indeed a pizza stone. I love pepperoni pizza!

    Cheryl- Who could get tired of pizza?

    Margaret- That is parchment paper. The pizza crust browns up nicely and the pizza slides onto the stone effortlessly. Delish!

  10. Hi Linda .. the watched pot never boils - funny how time stands still sometimes!

    Looks delicious - nearly time for me to hit the kitchen to put some supper on ... It's funny I'm not keen on pizza - but love the topping part!!!

    Cheers Hilary

  11. Big grin here! Love that build-up. Very clever, my friend.

  12. Mama Zen- Yes, indeed!

    Hilary- Pepperoni rules!

    Meleah- Yeah!

    Jayne- Thank you!

  13. Oh! YUM!!! That pizza looks amazingly delicious. It's so hard to find a good pizza where I live for some reason... So I do wish I could order from the same place you did. Oh, well. Hope you had a great meal. :p

  14. Alexandra- Thank you for that compliment. I made the pizza you see in the picture. Every other week we have homemade pizza. It is better than most take out.


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