Friday, October 26, 2012

Intracoastal Sunset

I love sunsets, especially at the beach.  I usually focus on those over the Gulf of Mexico.  The most beautiful sunsets are those with interesting clouds to absorb and reflect the sun's rays.  This evening, however, the beauty lay in the other direction.

Here are some satellite pictures of the area.

I took the picture from the end of the Boardwalk facing the islands.
The drawbridge has been replaced and was under construction when these images were taken.

This was one way to get from our condo to the Boardwalk.  We love having such a great choice of restaurants within walking distance.  

This was truly a beautiful evening!


  1. Hi Linda .. warm balmy evenings with the magic of those colours radiating across the sky .. it looks a beautiful area - no wonder you love it so much .. Happy Weekend .. Hilary

  2. Oh wow, Linda!! That is such a GRAND sunset!

  3. WOW -- totally cool how you gave us the satellite angle too. So neat to see both perspectives. And appreciated the map too, not too far at all from your condo to the water. And restaurants -- yummy yummy in the tummy.


  4. I also love sunsets at the beach and Florida certainly has amazing ones, as you show here in your lovely photos. Beautiful! And really fun to see where your condo was too. :-)

    Thank you for sharing, Linda.


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