Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let the Sun Shine

Hot days
The sun shines
The grass dies
And then
Gray days
Clouds hang low
More rain
And then
The sun shines
The grass grows
Now we mow
This is summer

It seems that it is either feast or famine.  We lamented the long weeks with no rain while we watched the grass dry up.  We sweltered beneath triple digit heat indices.  Then came August and the temperatures and the rain were once again moderate.  The grass greened up, we mowed.

Next we got a new garage door for my parents' house which exposed new (or old) problems with the 50+ year old structure.  The door became the secondary issue and much work was involved before we had a functioning door.  The riding mower was safely installed behind that door.  Of course this when the rains moved in and every afternoon or evening - more rain.  You know what that means.  Thankfully, the door is now functional.  Let the sun shine!

What frustrates you this summer?


  1. What frustrates you this summer?

    well, I haven't been very active in the blogging community this summer and I've really missed everyone.

    I've also really missed writing blog posts and working on
    my novel. Sadly, I've let BOTH fall to the wayside. I am sofa king happy Back To School starts tomorrow, and things will return to normal around here, I need structure and a routine again.

  2. What frustrates me this summer?

    The fact that it's autumn and I must have blinked and missed our summer. It'll be long winter for us.

  3. That's an easy one: heat + humidity. It's a wicked combo for me.

  4. Not finding what we're looking for house-wise but we'll get there.

  5. Not being able to go out because it was too hot! That was August. July was too wet for going out. I love the early autumn best. The sunlight here becomes mellow and change is in the air.

    ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for over two years.

  6. Meleah- I've missed you too! While I sometimes like spur of the moment stuff, a routine does make life run smoother. We just need change-ups from time to time so the daily routine doesn't become a rut.

    Babs- You guys didn't have much of a summer this year. I can see why you missed it. Maybe winter won't be so bad.

    Frank- I hear you! I can take the heat more easily than the humidity, though.

    Hilary- hunting. Now there's a challenge!

    Anji- It is interesting how different parts of the world, and different areas within our own countries had such different weather this summer. July was our hot month, perhaps the hottest we ever had. August was better with more normal temps. I have a blogging friend in Sweden and her summer was just the opposite. She had to visit the beach in another country for a taste of summer.


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