Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If Your Recycles Could Talk

Yes, this is the inside of my recycle bin.  This was last week's contribution, and the bin was at least 3/4 full.  This Spring we switched from the small green bins (we had two) to the large 96-gallon roll out bins. 

With the smaller bins and were required to separate the recyclables, one box for papers and chipboard and one for glass, plastics and metals.  Now we put everything in all together.  If it is recyclable and will fit in the bin, you're good to go, and they are collected every other week.

I have always liked the idea of recycling.  It's like protecting our planet from ourselves, which in turn is protecting us.  So I am always happy to see the bins out on recycle day.  They are covered now so that the contents are kept dry on rainy days, and your neighbors don't see what's in there.  The evidence of who had the party last weekend is hidden.  Your brand of soda and where you shop remain your secret, and no one knows if you didn't remove the caps from your bottles?

If your recycles could talk, what would they say about you?


  1. We have separate bins for ours. Large for paper and smaller for the plastic, bottles and cans. There is so much paper wastage in this world!

    My sister even removes the labels from her cans and puts them in the paper bin.

  2. Babs- There is a lot of waste of all sorts of things, but paper waste uses up trees. I happen to love trees. Your sister is a good steward of the earth. I'll try and take a lesson from her.

    I guess everyone else threatened their recycles into silence. ;)

  3. Hi Linda .. ours change in different towns, and counties ... I usually take mine to a supermarket where they have bottle banks, plastic recyclable banks etc etc ... though the flat does have places - I've kept to my old habits ...

    But see my next post - Steampunk .. I hope to get it up today! (Hope!!) ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Hilary- I've been recycling forever - from taking cans to the fire station for a few coins to weekly pickup. I had never heard of steampunk, but I do like the concept. Very colorful, too.


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