Friday, August 24, 2012

The Note

Kenny arrived home from work, late as usual.  These long hours were paying off, he thought, as he parked his shiny new Lexus in the garage.  Sharon would have dinner holding in the oven.  It was Friday night, so it was probably lasagna.  She would be waiting in family room, a glass of her favorite red wine on the table as she played bejeweled blitz or some other Facebook game, with the TV on in the background.
Kenny walks into the kitchen, the light is on, but there's no familiar smell of dinner waiting.  He calls to Sharon, "Hey, I'm home.  Did you want to order in tonight?"  No answer.

He goes to the family room, no Sharon.  He goes from room to room, but she's not there.  Wait a minute, her car was not in the garage.   How could I have not noticed that? he thought. 

Worried now, he headed to the bedroom.  He glanced around the room and then he saw it, there on his pillow.  "Good-bye" was all it said.

As Kenny sat and stared numbly at the note, it hit him.  There was so much he hadn't noticed.

Written for the prompt "Note" at One-Minute Writer - Friday Fiction.


  1. Ouch! I once helped a girlfriend move out lock, stock and barrel, when her husband was at work. He had been beating her up fairly regularly. He noticed she was gone.

  2. Did you have to write in one minute?

    Wow. I'm impressed. I liked how you moved Kenny through his expectations to his reality. I like the line about her car, "How could I have not noticed?" Well done!

  3. Cheryl- Unfortunately those people notice. I hope all turned out well for her.

    Sara- Thank you! It didn't take long to write it, but definitely more than one minute. Once written though, I made very few tweaks. One would think that would be hard to miss.

  4. Hi Linda .. so interesting - well written ... great Note!

    Cheers Hilary


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