Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Frogs at Salem Lake

This was filmed at Salem Lake a couple of years ago when we were serenaded by a bunch of frogs.  Not the peepers of Spring, but big bullfrogs.  At least I think they were bullfrogs - we didn't actually see them.

I am in the process of learning how to edit my videos.  This was done using Windows Live Movie Maker to edit out the dead spots and other conversations.  Any tips for the beginner?


  1. Oh how lovely. They are so noisy :)

  2. They are loud little buggers, aren't they?!

    I used the same software to edit my video as well but seeing as it was my first time, I don't have much advice to give you! I basically just clicked on everything to see what would happen.

  3. I'm trying to get better at editing vids myself. The cool thing is that the available softwares are pretty straightforward. Making nice titles, not so straightforward. For me at least.

    Love the bullfrogs.

  4. Babs- They are a bit noisy, but so much fun to listen to.

    Nicky- They can be really loud, especially when there is a whole chorus. That's what I was doing, but more to figure out.

    Mike- Aren't they great? Louder than the peepers in the Spring.

    Hilary- It was quite the symphony!

  5. making movies = TOUGH! But I don't know ANYTHING about the program your using. Sorry I can't help!

  6. Meleah - I think it's a learn as you go process. At least that is how I approach such things.

  7. Hi Linda .. always amazes me how much noise the frogs make - but well done on getting the video up ...

    Cheers Hilary


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