Friday, July 13, 2012

Into the Tunnel

There isn't a lot going on in the creative department today, so I take you back to June of last year and our visit to Minnesota. 

Here we are about to enter a tunnel.  No big deal, but there aren't any around here which makes it interesting.  For some reason I've always enjoyed tunnels.  Why?  I dunno, just do.

This was a very short tunnel within in the city.

I have proven that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

When I was a kid my parents and I would travel North along 1-95, and would go through several tunnels on our way to Maine where my Mom's family lived.

Here's one we probably went through.  
If you like tunnels too, come join me on a wild ride!


  1. I do like tunnels.. kind of like a portal to some special destination. At least that's how I felt as a kid.

  2. Have you ever been in a traffic jam in a tunnel? It was horror years ago, in our 'Blackwall' tunnel. We had no AC in our cars and you couldn't open a window or you die from the fumes, so you died from suffocation instead!

  3. I love tunnels too. When we were kids, we would try to see the river on top of the tunnel as we were emerging (Montreal being an island).

  4. We have several big tunnels here that go under the ocean. I know some who HATE going in them... being encased by the ocean is a bit freaky.

    Funny, when I saw the first picture I thought of Lady Diana LOL!

  5. Hilary- There's always an element of surprise with tunnels - what's on the other side, what was on top. Sometimes water, sometimes a mountain, sometimes just part of the city.

    Babs- Actually, no I haven't, but that sounds horrible. It might change my thoughts on tunnels a bit if i were.

    Nicky- I did that too when we went through an underwater tunnel. I did not know that about Montreal.

    Katherine- I have thought about that, and what if...Yeah, let's not go there.

  6. I'm not so fond of tunnels, but I enjoyed the video of this tunnel. I'm okay with short tunnels, but I really don't like the weeping kind of tunnels. They always make me feel like the water is going to come crashing through.

    However, I did do the Chunnel by train. It took forever!!!

    I understand where you're coming from regarding the creativity. I'm having the same issue!! Be patient with yourself:~)


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