Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bananas Risque

Written for the 30-day creative writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  Today's prompt is The Awkwardness of the common banana.  This is day 17 of this never-endng challenge.  Check out the Linky at WWFC for some delightfully fruitful stories.

Banana Candle Salad
What would you think about a banana stuffed into a pineapple ring, smeared with mayo and topped with a cherry?  Let's just say it was not all that appealing, and left us feeling rather awkward.

The setting was Christmas back some 20 or so years ago.  We were visiting my in-laws over the holidays, and my mother-in-law, bless her heart, decided to make a special treat for us.  She found the recipe in a magazine or old cookbook (we didn't have the internet then) and proceeded to assemble her creation.  When she brought them out, we stared in disbelief at the somewhat suggestive looking item being placed before us.  Being the tactful people that we were, we tried to hide our...uh...amusement.  As you can see it's a rather risque looking dish.

We were holding back our laughter pretty well while we tried to figure out how to tell her just what it looked like.  That is until my brother-in-law exclaimed "that's a nasty chancre on that thing".  At that point we all burst out laughing, and had to explain what was so funny.

Interestingly, the banana candle recipe was originally published in several 1950s cookbooks for children. More recently I saw this recipe and picture in a popular spice catalog.  Apparently it was more common than we thought.

So tell me what you think - Yum or Yuck?


  1. Oh my...I really don't think I am going to touch this one! Obviously, she was one with a 'clean mind'....or maybe there was another side to her that you just didn't know ;)

  2. Oh my word! It just goes to show that in the 50's people had cleaner minds. It was probably because we were not exposed to all sorts of images back then and children were ignorant of such things ;)

    Now I can see the candle, but at first no Haha!

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha! While it's hysterical, I'd have to go with YUCK! Mayo? On a banana? Um, no thanks!

  4. You did a damn good job of stifling a laugh. I don't know if I would have lasted as long. Hilarious!!!

    I guess we've devolved as a society.

  5. OMG! That truly is bananarific!

  6. The red piece on top makes it pretty obvious what it's not. -the dirty thoughts were all your own!

  7. I do not even want to SUGGEST what the cherry could represent... Oh wait, a flame. Yea, that's it.


  8. Anon- We really didn't want to either!

    Babs- Yeah, we didn't see the candle at first either (ha). It was a different time back then.

    Nicky- They weren't very appealing, but to her credit, she didn't use the mayo like the recipe said. They were very health conscious, so no mayo.

    Lauren- It says a lot about how our minds work. It was funny, but she had no idea...

    Tami- Glad you got a laugh. We sure did.

    notactuallygod- Well my b-i-l called it for what it was, clinically speaking.

    Katherine- That's's a flame...un huh. ;)


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