Friday, May 25, 2012

A Sticky Situation

Photo credit:  Stephen Craven

Along the winding path and into the dense foliage walked the boy following the yips of a puppy.  He'd always wanted a puppy.

He found him trapped in a briar patch, whimpering as the thorns stabbed his tender nose.

As the boy freed the wriggling mass, the puppy jumped up and down and licked his face.

Written for the Gman of Friday Flash 55 fame, as he recovers from a serious illness. We look forward to his return.


  1. Love it. Seriously. You're so good with these prompts!

  2. Hi Linda .. sticky hurtful prickly situation - how well you've set the scene ..

    I'm pleased Gman is recovering .. good to know ..

    Happy Memorial weekend -Hilary

  3. Meleah- Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my micro stories.

    Hilary- Thanks! I'm glad he's on the mend. I missed the 55s so I decided to do one anyway!


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