Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Special

Me, Mommy, and Grammy
Today is Mother's Day, a day set aside to honor our mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and/or any other special women in our lives.  

Mothers are more than just the givers of life, they are teachers and playmates.  They are entertainers and magicians.  They are chauffeurs and coaches.  They are adversaries during our trying teen years, and ultimately, our friends for life. They are the nurturers of our mind, body and soul.

They bandage our cuts and scrapes, and tend to our broken hearts.  They listen as we share our disappointments and joyously applaud our successes.  They surprise us with treats just to see us smile, and replace balloons that go pop when they hit the ground.  

And even when we are grown and on our own, they still bring us soup when we're sick, and hold our hands when life isn't fair and tell us it will be all right.

This is what mothers do.  Not because they have to...there are no rule books and no penalties.  They do this because they love us.  A mother's love is a powerful potion.

Let us honor our Mothers, not just on Mother's Day, but everyday.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I miss you!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Linda.

  2. Hi Linda - I hope you're having a lovely Mother's Day - with remembrances, and with love for today.

    Happy times - Hilary

  3. Linda, you really hit the mark!

    Michael's card said "Mom is a teacher because she taught me how to use a 'macanickle' pencil,a chauffeur to the toy store,a magician because she found my scooter in the car,and a cook because she makes me waffles!"
    Our moms really were everything to us.

  4. Better late than never.
    Happy Mother's day!
    Loved your post!

  5. Awwww. Happy Mother's Day, Linda!

  6. Hilary- Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

    Hilary- It has been nice, busy, very full weekend. Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Ashley- Glad you enjoyed it. Indeed, our mothers were very special. They wore a lot of hats, didn't they?

    Yeesi7- I am glad you enjoyed it. I think of my Mom every day. Thanks for visiting today.

    Meleah- Right back atcha!


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