Friday, April 27, 2012

Traveling Cat?

No, Sophie doesn't travel.  What she does do is eagerly await her Daddy's return no matter whether he's been away for a week, at work for the day or out for an hour.

This was the scene one day as I was unpacking his overnight bag.  There are two favorites in her life.  One is her Daddy, and the other is finding great snuggly places.

This is the best of both worlds - she can nestle in with stuff that smells like her favorite human.  It just doesn't get any better!


  1. Gotta love a cat. :) Sophie is a beauty. She reminds me of my beautiful Topaz (long gone, now) who was also a tortoiseshell. She was the sweetest cat.

  2. So sweet. Our Sukie does the same with my clothes. She is on them before I even lay them down!

  3. Boy, Sophie and Lola really do resemble each other, in looks and habits! Except Sophie doesn't look like she wants to kill anyone :-)

  4. Hilary- Sophie is pretty sweet, too. A little wacky sometimes. You're likely to find her lying around on her back for no reason. She's not posing, or sleeping - she just likes it.

    Meleah- Yep!

    Babs- Sophie does this, too. She also will lay on the damp towel I used to dry my hair. Go figure.

    Nicky- Sophie always looks sweet, even when she's getting into mischief. Although Dood does occasionally ruffle her feathers.

  5. Hi Linda .. cats be like that don't they .. I remember our cat was always in my trunk when I was packing for school - making sure per the list I had all items!! Cat nearly got packed away too ...

    They love their warm cosy places - sometimes I just want to curl up with them!!

    Cheers Hilary

  6. She's a DOLL. Like you.

    Back in the day they called those "carpet bags" becasue they were actually made from carpet.

    But I bet you knew that!!



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