Friday, March 16, 2012

Runaway Muse

When my muse up and decides to take a trip, probably to some lush tropical island, she does me a favor.  She leaves me with exactly 55 words with which to create my next post.  The problem is she doesn't tell me which 55 words.  That's something I have to figure out on my own.

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. Yes, that's the hard part, figuring out which words to use.

  2. haha yeah that happens sometimes...may she come back and find you

  3. Hahaha - my muse has been MIA for awhile too. Maybe they're both sitting poolside with tropical drinks chuckling over us!

  4. Yes...She's a fickle Bitch!
    She just won't stay put!
    Excellent 55 Linda
    Thanks for putting down your umbrella drink long enough to contribute...:-)
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Well your muse may have abandoned you but you still showed her! Nicely done, Linda. :)

  6. Yvonne- That's always the hard part, but it's easier when you only have to come up with 55 matching words.

    Brian- Oh, she'll come back around when she's ready.

    Other Mary- I expect they are. Probably a muse convention.

    G-Man- Thanks! It's always nice when you can turn nothing into something.

    Nicky- Thanks. She did leave me 55 words to play with.

  7. Linda, how dare your muse take a vacation and not invite you along! ;)

    Oh, I want to climb through the screen and find a place to sit on that gorgeous beach!

  8. A "Seinfeldish" 55. You created something by writing about nothing. :)

  9. It's nice of your Muse to leave you at least 55 words. Mine usually leaves me blank, empty, wordless and bottomed-out.

    Well done with the 55 she left you with:~)


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