Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer Beauty

Spring bursts brightly forth
From the barren winter ground
Designer beauty

Written for dVerse Poetry.


  1. ah it is a beautiful thing to see isnt it? we have a nice spring-like day here today

  2. Nice spring haiku--today is particularly beautiful :) Here is my rainbow offering:

  3. So pretty - both the picture and the poem!

  4. I'm so jacked that we're into March and close to shucking winter. Yesterday it was 68 in Detroit! Praise be!

  5. Linda, I can't wait for some of that gorgeous 'designer beauty' - loved this!

  6. SPRING SPRING SPRING SPRING! I have my first daffodil at my house! Can you believe it! Such pretty flowers!

  7. Brian- Spring is always a welcome sight, even when the winter has been mild, as this one has.

    Wordcoaster- It was a beautiful day here too.

    Meleah- Thank you!

    Nicky- Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

    Cardiogirl- Good to see you. I just noticed buds are breaking on the trees around here.

    Talon- Thanks, I'm sure Spring will be around soon to your neck of the woods.

    Katherine- It was really mild this winter, and I saw my first daffodil on the last day of January. Spring is really just around the corner.

  8. Yay! crocus!! Or is that crocci. Either way, that's great, Linda!


  9. Great Haiku and picture to accompany it. I like the last line, "Designer beauty." That's a great way to say it:~)


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