Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Golden Sky

The late evening sun
Casts a golden glow upon
our upturned faces

Written for dVerse Poetry.


  1. Linda -- That photo is stunning. You should definitely get this one framed. I love how the leafless branches stand out against the golden sky. It's really, really good!

    I also liked the quote. It fits the picture very well:~)

  2. bad. That was your haiku wasn't it and not a quote. I'm running late this week.

    I amend my previous comment: Beautiful picture accompanied beautiful Haiku:~)

  3. oh wow..i would turn my face upwards as well and try to kiss the sky...beautiful..

  4. how could our faces not be upturned to that...lovely pic

  5. Sara- I am glad you liked the picture and the haiku. That was an exceptional sunset (I rarely see the sunrise). ;)

    Claudia- Thank you. I do lots of sunset pictures.

    Brian- Sunsets like that do put smiles on our faces, don't they?

  6. Lovely picture and haiku...there is a haiku challenge and site if you are interested for this month~ I post there as Grace ~

  7. Indeed. Once must say at least a short prayer in the presence of this splendor.

  8. Great shot. Serene description.

  9. I just LOVE the sky.

    And shall now write a quick poem about your photo.

    Golden sky Linda
    My lovely friend.
    We'll be buddies
    long past "the end."
    For there is no end
    No, none in sight.
    For we are angels
    all made of light.


  10. Absolutely gorgeous capture, Linda! I love the golden sun in late afternoon. We finally got a little of that golden stuff today :)

  11. Cropping out the overhead cable would transform the photo to another level, y'know? Then it would better match your words...

  12. Heaven- Thank you. I may check that out.

    Charles Miller- It is quite the finishing touch to the day.

    Monkey Man- Thanks so much!

    Jannie- It was gorgeous, and no two are ever the same. Thank you for the sweet poem.

    Talon- I'm glad mister sunshine came out for you. We've had a few gray days lately, and colder than it had been.

    Cad- You're right, it would be better without the cable. I was rushing when I did this. Thanks for stopping by.


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