Friday, December 2, 2011


Image Source: Vegan Traveller

Through the door walked a big little boy wearing a ball cap, torn jeans and dirty tennis shoes.  The door keeps his secrets locked deep within where no one will know his shame or his sin.  His T-Shirt is smeared with his blood and his tears.  "Why did I have to send that stupid text?"

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. Yikes! Technology has some nasty side effects, doesn't it?

    Awesome 55, Linda!

  2. oo i want to know what was in the text now...smiles.

  3. Yep..words are a powerful thing.

  4. Linda...
    A great 55 is when you say just enough, but it SCREAMS for more.
    This was magnificent!!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your fantastic support, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Thanks Talon. Yes it can!

    Brian- Me too!

    Hope - Indeed they are. We need to be careful how we use them.

    G-Man- Thank you for those kind words. You have a super weekend too.

  6. Kids. Instant communication give no time for reflection, only reaction.

  7. Careful what you say, text or email or blog post....they say it never goes away. Good 55.

  8. some college students text a few thousands times each month.

    your story is lingering,
    well done.


  9. Wow, Linda. Incredibly powerful. Well done!

  10. Monkey Man- I suspect kids aren't the only ones who have issues. They are just more susceptible to the hazards.

    Yvonne Osborne- Yeah, once it's out there...

    Morning- Thank you! I still have an old style flip phone, and send most of my texts via PC.

    Nicky- I thanks you muchly.

  11. WHAT?? You leave me with a mystery like that, you Vixen of the 55. :) :)

    And the photo of the guy sitting on the bench with his Starbucks and technology makes me smile -- we all look like that today, eh, with our iPods and phones. And lattes!! :)


  12. You totally ROCKED this story! Awesome, job!!

  13. Short and bittersweet. You said so much with so few words.


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