Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas
from our house to yours!

"Deck the Halls"  Christmas music in Johnson City, TX.

I'll be taking a short break for Christmas.  Enjoy the video, and I'll see you in about a week or so!


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas, Linda!

  2. Thank you Meleah and Hilary. You too!

  3. I'll be humming that tune all night now :)

    Merry Christmas, Linda! Hope you and your family have a beautiful one!

  4. Enjoy your Christmas break, lovely lady!

    And can you believe I live only like 1.5 hours (or less) from Johnson City, TX and have yet to witness that? Well, maybe next year.


  5. Too late for Christmas. Hope that you're enjoying the holidays and Happy New Year

    Thank you for sharing the Christmas lights. We've got about three houses in our village that put lights up, it was good to see some real ones!

  6. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Linda!

  7. Thank you all for your holiday wishes. I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with friends and family. All the best in 2012.


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