Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Turkey Day Blues

Mall of America

My paper is blank
And my brain's turned to mush
Is it the turkey I thank
Or the holiday rush

My thoughts they are fleeting
Like ships in the night
Nary a greeting
Nor squeal of delight

So it's off to the store
In search of great deals
Through every door
I burst with great zeal

Then I stop and I stare
In total dismay
At the items on shelves
In complete disarray

What are they thinking
I thought to myself
The lights are all blinking
But I don't see an elf

So homeward I head
With my parcels in tow
My feet are like lead
And I'm moving slow

I bid good night
To the holiday shoppers
Grabbing a bite
With the holiday swappers


  1. I thought I was the only one suffering from Post-TDAY-Blues.

    Loved the poem!

  2. I'm definitely blaming mine on the turkey, although the wine was a bit of a culprit, as well. You actually ventured out? You're braver than I am. ;)

  3. Meleah- Thank you! I can't say that I'm suffering, but I was busy, and couldn't get it finished in time to post yesterday. T-Day was fine, but I'm one of those rare folks who would be just as happy with a simple meal. There was a ton of food for just 7 people.

    Jayne- There was some wine at our dinner, too. ;)
    We rarely venture out on Black Friday, but it was surprisingly painless. We walked into stores, found what we wanted, walked to the checkout, paid and left. The secret? We didn't start until after breakfast - maybe 10 a.m. Mainly we were after a replacement printer. We did get a great deal, though!

  4. Hi Linda .. the thought of shops on these holiday days appal me .. so delighted to hear you achieved what you wanted so painlessly .. and now you can print -yea!

    Cheers have a good week post Turkey .. Hilary

  5. We thought about going to the City, but with the "Occupy" protesters and police lines we decided to let our fingers do the shopping on line. Great poem!

  6. Great little poem, that is. :) I don't get the whole Black Friday shopping thing.

  7. Linda, I hope you are fully recovered from your post-holiday blues and your brain is properly de-mushed now :)

    It must just be the way my crazy brain works, but I thought that was a photo of a super huge dog brush. It would work awesomely on Riley :)

    Lovely to be back and thank you for your kind thoughts. They were so appreciated, Linda!

  8. Talon- It is so good to see you out and about again. I am definitely recovered. Turkey day is relatively low key for us, and the printer was more a surgical strike than a marathon shopping expedition.

    You're right. When you look at the mall pic just right, part of the ride does look like a large dog brush. It is interesting the things we see in everyday objects.

  9. Oh, this was to read aloud. You know how much I enjoy this type of poem AND it does capture BLACK FRIDAY to a tee.

    I never go shopping on the Friday after; it's too terrifying. You're a braver soul than me!

    Delightful write:~)

  10. Hilary- I wasn't bad at all, and yes, I can print!

    Linda- Thanks! I did a lot of my shopping Sunday on line from the comfort of my sofa.

    Hilary- Thank you. Black Friday is people staying up all night, trying to be first to get the "best deal". This comes with complimentary pushing and shoving, and an order of yelling on the side. Our experience was much nicer - we waited until 10 a.m. I guess most everyone else had gone home to bed.

    Sara- Thank you. My shopping experience was pretty sedate compared to stories I've read and videos I've watched about all the crazy shoppers.


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