Monday, August 15, 2011

Quote of the Week

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We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
 - Anais Nin

Who we are as individuals influences everything around us, including what we see.  Two people may see the same picture, building or other object and offer completely different opinions.  Using the cliche about seeing the glass half full or half empty, it is easy to see how different personalities would have different views.


  1. That is why I love having kids... they are constantly showing me things in a new light!

  2. So true, Linda. I've always loved the uniqueness of our individual perspectives.

  3. I love how take quotes, like one, and give it your special interpretation. You do such a good job:~)

  4. Different perspectives are wonderful...unless they conflict with mine, of course :-)

  5. Katherine- It's always good to get another perspective on things.

    Talon- Indeed we are all our unique personalities.

    Babs- Amazing, isn't it!

    Sara- Thank you.

    Nicky- Of course!

  6. I've never read that quote before. Yes, reality is quite subjective, isn't it. That we manage to get along as well as we do is quite something.

  7. So true! And so very insightful!

  8. Jayne- Yes, it is a wonder isn't it. I know I can be quite different in my thoughts, etc. but then my Mom said I'm not like everybody else. I guess that's true of everyone.

    Meleah- We are all unique individuals with unique thoughts and opinions and that colors what we see and how we think.

  9. Linda, this is so true. Actually, you are pointing out why "eye witness" descriptions are so kywacky. People just don't see or even hear the same things ever.


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