Friday, August 12, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Redo: Humpty Dumpty

Image source:  merlinprincesse's photostream
Humpty Dumpty was fat and grumpy
And off of the wall he fell
He landed astride a nobleman's horse
Who tossed him into the well


  1. lol! Seems poor Humpty is doomed! Loved it, Linda.

  2. Talon- Nope, he's not having such a good day!

    Babs- Yeah, he has a problem with heights.

  3. Linda,

    You are really good at these. LOL Not only is the rewrite in perfect timing, but you get the gist of the rhyme, as well.

    I really like this series:~)

  4. Thank you Sara. Your comments are always so encouraging.

  5. This brings back all too well my first boyfriend. His name was Humpty. And Humpty dumped me.

    Just kidding! Couldn't resist that rhyme.

    Ahh, those noblemen's horses, always up to trickery. Hope Humpty floated and eventually made it out safely.


  6. Wow that is amazing! You are such an excellent writer - if I tried to do something this clever it would fall VERY flat. Yours is better than the original!

  7. Jannie- Oh that was a good one.

    Katherine- Thank you so much! I like the challenge.


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