Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Friends

Frank and Neil toss their cans into the barrel and turn in.  Tomorrow's a big day - both are entered in a bass fishing tournament.

Best of friends, each secretly hopes to take the prize.  Come morning, however, Neil's boat stalls.  Rules state one contestant per boat.  Frank offers Neil his boat.  Thanks...but I can't.

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. I can picture these guys...awesome!

  2. aww...nice friend to offer the boat...especially the day of the big tourney...

  3. Katherine- Great! Thanks.

    Brian- That's what true friendship is all about. One offering, one declining. It all comes out in the wash.

  4. Linda...
    I Loved this story of Friendship.
    I love especially Fishing Stories
    Most Excellent 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Now, that's a friendship! It reminds me of Mike and I. Unless cheese is involved, then all bets are off :-)

    Very nice Linda!

  6. Very elegant, Linda! I love this!

  7. G-Man- Friendship is key; fishing ain't too bad either.

    Thanks Nicky, My hubby warns people not to get between me and food.

    Linda- Thank you!

    Babs- Indeed. I know get it.

    Meleah- Thank you!

  8. A very apt for the friendship day!!
    Sunday Hugs xox

  9. Now that's friendship. I liked this 55. It reminds me of my own childhood, which revolved around fishing...every summer:~)

    Well done!

  10. Jannie- I'll say. Not many folks would make that offer.

    Olivia- Thanks for stopping by. I wasn't aware of Friendship Day, but it's a great thing to celebrate any day.

    Sara- Fishing is fun, but I always throw them back. Salt or freshwater? I enjoy both, mostly from a pier.


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