Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is It My Turn?

The cat carrier, that dreaded implement of transportation.  As much effort as it is to get them into the carrier for a trip to the vet, you'd think they wouldn't hop in of their own free will.  

Sometimes, though, it makes a great place to hang out for a little down time.

Is it my turn?
Even Rosie takes his turn.  Sometimes you can even hear him snoring away in the box.  All cats love their hidey places.

Apparently it is also a source of entertainment, too.

Who's in there?
And, not to be left out, Dood peers out of the "fun box".

Can you see me now?
A grand time was had by all, and I guess it was a lesson in taking turns.


  1. I found your comment button in it's usual spot. I guess the problem is fixed!

    Why is it cats will willingly get in the carrier when you don't need them to?

  2. Rosie and Dood are adorable, Linda! I can't believe they go in there to hang out. My two just have to spy the cat carrier and they make themselves scarce. But anything other than the carriers that they can crawl into and they're happy - lol!

  3. Nicky- I guess it was a blogger issue. I suppose when they get in there on their own, it's not threatening. On the other hand, being put in and closed up for transport brings forth sounds of intense displeasure, i.e. cat swearing.

    Talon- Thanks. It is strange, but any time except vet time, it's just another box, and what cat doesn't love a box? I know what you mean about making themselves scarce. It's easier now to get Rosie in there, but once upon a time when we were using the plastic carriers with the door that swings open on one end, it was a nightmare. It was almost like he could read our minds, but he was actually sensing our intentions through our actions. We would try to act normally and even speak in code, and still he would catch on. Now we just pick him up when he's not expecting it and put him in.

  4. Aggie, my cat, will NOT go near her carrier. I have to hide it. If she sees it; I don't see Aggie for a long time.

    I did enjoy the escapades of Linda's cats-in-the box:~)

  5. If my cat Smokey sees the carrier, he disappears. His is cloth with mesh and he hates it.

    When we get him to the vet, it's very hard to get him out of the carrier. It's like he's saying "Oh hell no!". Funny critters!

  6. Hang out for a little down time... Wow, I could use that... think they would let me try a bit? :)

    I only have one kitty left... :( Yours are beautiful!

  7. Sara- It's funny what they will find entertaining. All but the first one was taken within a couple months of Sophie coming to live with us, and Dood coming inside to live. It was a lesson in getting along.

    Linda- They don't like being put in the box for the vet, but they are eager to get into it for the return home.

    Katherine- Thanks. They are as much different personality as they are in looks, but they are all sweeties. As for some down time, I'm sure they'd share.


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