Friday, July 1, 2011

The Escape

Image Source: Luciano Meirelle

Gene eased the Harley out of the garage and walked it quietly down the street.  So intent was he on getting away unheard, he would not start it for three blocks.  Safely away, he fired up the big bike.  He loved these early morning rides along the coast.  A great escape from the "honey-do" list.

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. Awesome! I was right there on the quiet walk down the street!

  2. Sigh! I totally get where Gene is coming from! I don't ride a Harley, but nothing beats an early morning drive...nobody on the road, windows down, music playing. Love this!

  3. Kind of how I feel when I get on my horse.

  4. smiles. vroom vromm...i have looked at bikes recently...hmm...

  5. Linda....?
    My Sentiments Exactly!!
    Of course I Loved your 55...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Fourth of July

  6. Hi Linda .. how often does that happen! Bikes, horses,day away ..

    Enjoy your 4th July weekend .. cheers Hilary

  7. Other Mary- Thanks.

    Katherine- Quiet being key to his get away.

    Nicky- We don't ride either, but you're right about a great drive.

    Jayne- Freedom, right?

    Brian- For the ride or the get away?

    Monkey Man- ...and peaceful, not counting the rumble of the bike.

    G-Man- Yep, it's me. I don't ride, but I get the feeling of open road. I love to travel.

    Hilary- Apparently not as often as he likes, but he's learning. ;)

  8. vroooom.. vroooom.. vroooom!!
    A man with a bike is still what I wish for- sigh! Well, he needs to own a nice car too..! haha

    Sunday hugs xox


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