Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well"

Ever had a day like this?

It was a typical Tuesday morning at the Y.  After class, I walked out with my friend, Allie, and when we get to my car (actually hubby's car - yes I'm still driving it), she points at the car.  "There's something on your car."  I look, not expecting anything out of the ordinary, and see the front bumper with some vertical black streaks - it still didn't register.  I say "probably just dirt and some bird poop."  

"Hey, there's a note under your wiper" (which is usually an advertisement or someone looking to convert sinners).  It read "Someone hit your car...I didn't get the plate #."  

When I looked at the car again, this is what I saw.

Sad face!  Hey, I was just punched in the nose.

Although I didn't know it at the time, the lady who had the misfortune of backing into the car, was inside at the front desk trying to figure out how to find me.  By the time she came back out to get the license number, I'd already left.

Sometimes you get lucky though, and things aren't as bad as they seem at first.  Here is the after picture.

I'm so happy I can smile again!
Since we were all relieved that the injuries sustained were so easily mended, the fellow most responsible for the repairs (hubby's buddy, Ronnie) wrote this little ditty, obviously influenced by Little Miss Muffet.

Little Miss Linda
Had a little Bender
She hated the new curves and sway
When along came a mender
Who straightened her fender
Now she’s smiling away!

As a result of the little "bender", I met a nice young woman who treated me to lunch as an apology for hitting the car.  Accidents do happen, and all's well that ends well.


  1. Oh wow. Well, at least your car is all fixed. And, that poem, RULES!

  2. I know they have bras for they have big bandaids too? So glad the "hitter" was honest and nice!

  3. Oh that's the way things should go a lot more often. And your poet friend rocks! I love rhyming "Lind (er)" with "bender"! LOL!!!

  4. I loved your hubby's poem! :)

    And I'm so glad it ended so well, Linda!

  5. meleah rebeccah- Yes, it is great the car was fixed without have to involve repair shops, insurance, etc. Twas a good rhyme!

    Katherine- Yeah, things worked out much better than I thought when I was standing in the parking lot looking at it.

    Linda- I agree. We all got lucky.

    Talon- Indeed, it could have been much worse. Hubby's friend actually wrote the poem, and asked for a word assist from hubby. It is good!


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