Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Then and Now

Won't you join on a trip down memory lane?  My parents built this house over 50 years ago.  This first picture was taken prior to 1963.

Early 1960s

Note that there are two front doors.  This put some puzzled looks on the faces of people going door to door.  They would go to the first door, ring the bell and Daddy would answer, politely decline whatever they were offering and they would leave.  A couple moments later the door bell would ring again.  Imagine their surprise when Daddy opened the other door.  I guess they thought it was two separate residences, like a duplex.

The reason for the two front doors was because there was supposed to be a carport on the left, but they told the builder they wanted that as a room instead.

The tree in the front yard is a pecan and has been there well over 50 years.  Part of the neighborhood used to be a pecan orchard, and there are five trees in the yard.  The one you see here was struck by lightning, and survived.

April 2011

This bush can be seen in the first picture to the left of the front door.  It's kind of small, but it's been there ever since I can remember.  I don't know what it is, but it never loses its leaves and has white flowers and small blue berries.

50-year old bush

So how long do azaleas live?  I don't know, but these are over 50 years old.  You get the theme here.  A lot of plants and trees have come and gone over the years, and some have survived and are as beautiful as ever.  These surround another of the pecan trees.

One of my favorite plants in the yard is what Mom always called an old fashion snowball.  It is showing its age a bit, but still has beautiful snowballs.

Old Fashion Snowball

While my friends, Ashley and Kevin were living here, Kevin worked some of his gardening magic shown in the picture below.  This area was always grass and somewhat of a mowing challenge.

Some things have changed!

Thanks for joining me on a tour of some of the things that made home special.  Are there some special memories of your home place that you'd like to share?


  1. How funny about sales people going door-to-door. It's nice to see that your home has been lovingly tended all these years.

  2. Lovely house! It's really kept it's appeal. Plants and trees amaze me! Some live no matter what, and others won't live no matter what. Funny, huh?

  3. How lovely to see the home and its surroundings flourish through the years, Linda.

    I love how some plants and trees just put down their roots and just thrive - then you know they're just where they are meant to be...sort of like people finding just the right place to call home.

  4. How nostalgic it must be for you to write about this home. I love then/before and now/after images - especially when they're filled with fond memories as your post certainly is.

  5. Jayne- There is updating to be done, but it's in pretty good shape.

    Linda- I guess some plants just naturally survive better, and they still look great.

    Talon- Mom had a way with making plants grow. We even used to have a garden.

    Hilary- It was a nice trip for me. I have tons of non-digital pictures so I'm sure there will be more to come.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful house! It's only gotten BETTER with time and age.

  7. Lovely transformation!

    I've always wanted to plant a snowball in my garden... and I don't mean the kind that melts in the sun! I'm looking for some new shrubs so your photo inspired me to think about it again and plant one.

  8. I want snowballs!!!! How gorgeous! I love your pictures, and the story about your Dad answering two doors.. what a wonderful memory. This post reminded me of something I did a long time ago for Mom. I made a scrapbook for Christmas, but wrote to all her relatives and asked them to write a page about a memory of her or the family/childhood years. I included paper and return envelopes. Then I wrote the the address of her childhood home and said who I was, who Mom was and asked if they could send a leaf from a tree she used to climb in the front yard. They actually responded with a nice note and sent a leaf... wonderful memories!

  9. meleah rebeccah- Thank you! It's a great house.

    Brenda- They are beautiful and when they shed their petals it looks like snow on the ground. There are several varieties and the biggest differences are in the shape of the leaves, and plant size. Some will get out of control if not pruned.

    Katherine- Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my tour. It is amazing how things survive so many years.

    The scrapbook was a great idea. What a storehouse of memories and mementos.


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