Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Stockpile Advantage

Stockpiling...I guess it kind of runs in the family...remember the toilet paper in the bookcaseA little organizational skill and a second refrigerator go a long way toward keeping up with the every day supply and demand.  

Here's part of my stash.
Last Friday Cardiogirl shared her intense feeling of gloaming (think gloom) over possibly running out of some of their morning staples.  Imagine her relief at finding her backups.

I know the panic of running out of something you depend on every day!  That is why I have my stash of everything from food items, to paper goods and laundry supplies.

Having a stash doesn't have to break the budget either.  I shop at both Costco and grocery store sales, and I use coupons at both.  Good money-saving strategies add even more value to your stockpile.

So, do you stockpile, and if so, what's in your stash?


  1. "do you stockpile, and if so, what's in your stash?"

    Oh hell yes, I stock pile! Anything from laundry detergent, to toilet paper, to canned food!

  2. I'm not really a stockpiler...but now I'm thinking about it, maybe I am because I rarely run out of anything. I'm good at making note of something that's running low and putting it on the shopping list (and after 30 odd years, I've managed to train hubby to make note of stuff too - lol). There's nothing worse than trying to find subsitutes for toilet paper!

  3. Hi Linda .. I don't stockpile .. I try and make sure that I don't have to shop & then can do it at some free time over a few days - giving me no urgency to need to get to the shop today. Usually works!

    cheers Hilary

  4. Nope, I don't stockpile. But then, I live on the edge. Danger is my middle name!

    Ok, in all honesty, I live within a 2 minute walk of a market where I regularly shop when I run out of stuff. :-)

  5. meleah rebeccah- Yay! A kindred spirit. It is so nice to just grab something from the fridge, pantry, cabinet, or where ever you store stuff. My stash has saved the day or meal many times.

    Talon- Agreed on the TP, which is why I get several jumbo packs whenever it's on sale.

    Hilary- I get that, but with me I may put if off for several days and find out I just used the last one of whatever. Recently, I've taken to stockpiling canned cat food. After several last minute runs to the store, I now have several dozen cans at any one time.

    Nicky- I thought guys were the ones who like to live on the edge. ;) The only thing within walking distance here is a convenience store. That has been used for grabbing beer on pizza night. With me, stockpiling is more of a money-saving thing, although having stuff on hand is pretty nice, too.

  6. Linda,

    Will you over to my house and organize my cabinets. Yours are so NEAT!!!

    We stockpile, but only for things toilet paper and paper towels. JC likes to go to the grocery store, which is good because I HATE going to the grocery store. So, if I was doing the grocery shopping regularly, I would definitely stockpile!

  7. I try to stockpile wine because really, it's the only thing I absolutely cannot be without. ;)

  8. Sara- I do the shoipping, and stockpiling is as much a money saver as it is a convenience. I never (rarely) run out, and I don't pay full price either. It's kind of fun to find bargains.

    Jayne- I stockpile wine, too. We got 18 bottles on our wine tasting trip. I just love my wine cooler we got last fall. Keeps the wines at just the right temp.

    p.s. sorry I was late getting back here. I had my mind on the trip.


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