Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Old Faithful

We're not half way through winter and we’ve already had three snows, one of which was on Christmas Day.  Every time it snows, I dig out my trusty, old boots.  They’re like a faithful old friend, always there to keep my feet warm and dry.  They have great heart and soul…well actually great soles.  I never slip or slide, and they keep me going through sleet, snow and freezing, that's the mailman.  At any rate, they've seen me through long walks in the woods, up and down icy steps, and hours of sledding and snowman building.

So what sparked a post about my snow boots, you ask?  It's like this.  I have had these boots for well over 30 years, (I probably got them in high school), and I mentioned them in a comment to my friend Cardiogirl, who's new boots have been possessed by the dreaded sock-twisting monster.  (She has since professed her love for her new boots despite the twisted lump of sock beneath her left foot. )

She was amazed that I’d had the same pair of boots for that long, and wanted to see a picture and hear more about this phenomenon of 30-plus year old boots.  To start with, they are not fancy, slick or shiny.

They are brown suede with a furry/fuzzy lining.  They lace up the front which makes them much easier to get on over your jeans, and at just under 12 inches, they have plowed through snow deeper than they are tall.  Yes...even in the South!  I absolutely adore my boots, and may have them another 30 years.

The label shows they came from JC Penney, and I guess I paid around $10 for them – a good price even then.  They also have the distinction of being made in the U.S.A.  Sadly, not something you see so much today.


  1. Those boots are awesome...! You can't find things made that well today. Perhaps lands end?

  2. Get out of here, you only paid $10 for them? Wow, that's just 33 cents per year for 30 years! That's an awesome deal.

    Thanks for indulging me; I hope my boots last until I'm 72. And, I hope I outgrow that sock twisting thing. I suppose I could always wear nylons with them.

  3. That's amazing, Linda, when you really think about it. My current boots are about 5 years old and I think that's pretty good considering the pair before didn't last long - the shoe part started separating from the sole. They truly don't make things the way they used to.

    And I'm laughing at the sock-twisting. I get that and it drives me nuts!

  4. They look very comfortable. And man! Those things have lasted a while, Linda!

  5. Katherine- They are awesome, and no, they don't make things like they used to.

    Cardiogirl- It was a long time ago, but I think that was about how much they cost. Maybe try wearing two pair of socks. I do that sometimes if I'm going to be out for a while. Maybe it would help the twisted sock thing.

    Talon- I think it's because they are old that they've lasted so well. They were made better than today's stuff. And that sock twisting would make me crazy too.

    Linda- They are extremely comfortable, and warm especially with 2 pair of socks. I expect to have them for a long time to come!

  6. Linda -- It's it delightful to know that something made in the USA actually lasts for thirty years! I'm extremely impressed.

    They look like nice and WARM boots. I feel like I could use some like these, even though I'm not nearly as cold as you are. Today, our temperature is actually WARM for the first time in weeks. In Florida, consistently cold weather is odd.

    I loved this post about your boots. May they last you many more years:~)

  7. I'm amazed just like everyone that your boots lasted -- wait, I just went to your "About me." North Carolina? Well, no wonder. :) If you lived in northern Pennsylvania like I do, I doubt they would last that long -- pshaw. ;)

  8. They look really comfortable and warm

  9. Hi Linda .. old faithfuls are the best .. and boy do they look good & I'm sure they did all you said they do.

    I've got my mother's wellie boots - but they didn't help in the snow .. did keep my dry, but a few pairs of socks and they're ok .. but not exactly what the doctor ordered .. but then I don't need them that often - hence hanging on to them .. one day I shall upgrade ..

    Fun story .. I do have other things that have been around a few years! Cheers Hilary

  10. Sara- They are incredibly warm and comfy. I am glad to hear things are warming up there. We're still cold here, although we did have a day in the 50s.

    Unfinishedperson- All I can say is I glad I don't live any further north than NC.

    Anji- They are!!

    Hilary- These are very well made, and my feet are always warm and dry. I do sometimes wear two pair of socks (and gloves). Gotta keep those hands and feet warm.


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