Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Winter's Day

Snow covered pines bend low
Softly whispering their secrets
The icy carpet beneath
Bears the tracks of birds and squirrels
Scurrying frantically hither and yon
Seeking sustenance and shelter
Against the bitter cold
Hunkering down until the sun
Shall warm away winter's evidence
And return to them nature's bounty
That they may feast once more

Written for Friday Flash 55


  1. Your photograph is beautiful, Linda. I love the shadow play!

    Your poem is lovely. I love watching the animals going about their winter business and am always impressed they manage to survive until the Spring...

  2. Linda, you must have beauty and snow on your mind. I feel sorry for those scurrying small animals, but I guess they COULD move!

    LOVED your reminiscing yesterday. Reminded me (and others, I'm sure) of when I was the same Poppa who operated the sled, to the JOY of my son. Thank you. I like!

  3. Talon- Thank you so much. I love the shadows on the snow too. I have one where I took a picture of my own shadow on the snow. It's interesting to see the tracks and wonder who made them - I'm quite the soft touch about animals, too.

    Don Carlo- I love beauty and the snow. Don't love winter so much unless it snows. Mostly it's just cold and windy, and I dislike the wind. The memories of sledding are precious. I suspect your son will treasure those memories as well. Thanks for stopping by & for the follow.

  4. Gorgeous photo and really lovely poem!

  5. I love the nature descriptions in it. Lovely piece

  6. Thank you for the sweet comments. During the holiday, I got a bit behind. I thought I had caught up, but find a few went unanswered. My apologies.


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