Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lightly Falling Snow

White Christmas 2010

Lightly falling snow
Dusts the ground like
Powdered sugar doughnuts
Leaving sweet traces
On little faces
Wrapped up in pretty colors
Bright blue mittens
And shiny red boots
Children's happy cries
And their mother's sighs
Remembering the days long ago
Of lightly falling snow

This was our White Christmas.  It began snowing at 11:15 Christmas morning. 
We had 6 inches on the ground the morning after Christmas.  What a beautiful Christmas present.

Written for One Shot Wednesday


  1. Beautiful and powdery just like the picture. Your words make me feel like I'm outside in it.

    Thanks for the One Shot

  2. Hi Linda .. wonderful to have snow on Christmas Day .. and doesn't it look so pretty. The words say it all .. simple, but so effective ..

    Thank you - enjoy this week .. Hilary

  3. What a great poem! I love the image of snow dusting the ground like powdered sugar doughnuts.

    Well done -- Happy New Year!

  4. Cheerful and sweet. Love the comparison to doughnut powdered sugar——that's an excellent lead for the imagery which follows it.

  5. this is lovely Linda...beautiful imagery.

  6. What a beautiful photo accompanied by such beautiful words. I love this and it makes me wish we had a little snow here too!

  7. smiles...we had our first white christmas in 29 years...so much fun..and to be a kid again...smiles.

  8. Doughnuts! One of my favorite all-time things. Snow is so pretty too, lucky you to have had such a pretty dusting.


  9. moondustwriter- Thank you. It was nice to be out in it.

    Hilary- It was beautiful and we still have quite a bit on the ground.

    cardiogirl - Thanks. Isn't it funny how a phrase can just make a piece.

    dustus- That's what it looks like when it first begins to stick. Glad you enjoyed it.

    LauraX- Thank you.

    Linda- Thank you. Mother Nature painted a really pretty picture this Christmas.

    Brian Miller- We actually had snow on the ground last year at Christmas, but it was from a couple weeks earlier, so it doesn't really count. Snow does bring out the kid in all of us. We went sledding a couple times.

    Jannie- We were very fortunate indeed. If we must have winter, I want snow. And on Christmas, well it just doesn't get better.

  10. What a beautiful poem. I wish I had the talent to be able to write something like that. Just lovely...

  11. Jayne- Why thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I suspect you may have a poem within yourself that's just looking for a way out.

    It was a lovely white Christmas.

  12. Gorgeous photo, Linda. A true wonderland...

    Loved the poem...made me smile.

  13. Linda,

    What a beautiful picture!!! We had a very slight dusting of snow, but nothing like this.

    I also enjoyed your poem about the snow. I liked the "powdered sugar doughnuts/Leaving sweet traces/On little faces..." That so captures this picture.

    Happy New Year, friend:~)

  14. What a stunning image, with sweet, beautiful words to go with it!

  15. Talon- Thank you. It was truly beautiful.

    Sara- Thank you. I hadn't heard there was any snow that far South. Glad you at least got a dusting. Happy New Year, to you too.

    The Reason You Come- Thank you, and thanks for the visit!

  16. What a lovely poem! And a beautiful pic!

    I hope you had a great Holiday season and I wish you a wonderful 2011!

    Take care

  17. ropcorn- Thank you, and thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog, and that Christmas spread looked fabulous. Yum!


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