Friday, November 5, 2010

Different Views

Photo credit: Naval Historical Center
Said Tall to Small, “I envy you. No one is asking how’s the view? No remarks about basketball, and can you get that for me, Mr. Tall?”


Said Small to Tall, “It’s the reverse for me. Hello down there, and names like Shrimp and Shorty. I still can’t eat shrimp - not cocktail or scampi.

Written for Flash Friday 55


  1. Good one - few people are quite happy with the way 'god' made them...

  2. Those old pros and cons...and it must be frustrating to be very small or very extreme of anything in a world made for the inbetweens must be maddening.

  3. Nobody's ever happy with themselves, are they? (LOL!)

    Cute 55, Linda!

  4. pro's and con's on both sides...wouldn't love to have a bit a better view though...nice 55!
    my 55 is here

  5. haha. the grass is not always greener...smiles.

  6. Linda...?
    This was Great!
    I just LOVE Yin/Yang stories.
    Excellent 55...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  7. gospelwriter- That's true. Thanks for the visit.

    Talon- I would imagine. I'm on the short side of the inbetweens, but taller than many.

    Eric Alder- Nah!

    Claudia- Yes there is. Everyone wants what they haven't got.

    Brian Miller- No it's certainly not.

    G-Man- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. The 55's are such fun.

  8. Sad we cannot be satisfied with our lot and that people must point out our differences.

  9. Nice 55. I wrote one but did not post it. It is kind of lame, but I might still post it.

  10. It truly is a matter of perspective. I'm on the shortcake side.

  11. Love this. You know I have actually ASKED someone tall if they play basketball? (embarrassed) LOL!

  12. Monkey Man- It's bad enough to be unhappy or self-conscious about ourselves, but when people point it out...

    Connie T.- Thanks. I think you should post yours. We're all just having fun here.

    Linda- Thanks. At least their not zombies. ;)

    Teresa- It is all in how you look at it, isn't it. Hope you don't get "shortcake" comments, though. It's one thing to say something about yourself; it's a different story when someone else says it.

    Katherine- I'm sure we've all said something to someone and didn't realize it might not be appreciated.

  13. Why can't people just accept each other as they are without having to comment on the exterior? We are all made of love and light.

    Very excellent 55.


  14. Hi Linda .. good reads .. the long and the short of it, or the tall and the short of it - but we are who we are .. and we need to laugh at ourselves .. and as Jannie says we are made of love and light ..

    Thanks - Hilary

  15. Yep, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.

    Funny thing about the photo you used. Earlier today, I saw two guys walk out of the subway together and one was like 6'5" and the other was no taller than 5'5"!

  16. Jannie - playing catch up with my comments. I start out real good, and then drift off somewhere. Indeed we should accept each other as we are, but do we accept ourselves? It starts at home.

    Hilary- So true, but easier said than done sometimes.

    Mike- It does make us look twice, however innocent our thoughts.


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