Monday, November 8, 2010

Quote of the Week

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Without heroes we are all plain people, and don't know how far we can go. 
- Bernard Malamud

What is a hero?  A hero is defined as one who shows great courage, one who is admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.  

Who do we think of as heroes?  A hero is someone who saves a child or rescues a kitten.  A hero is someone who fights for what is right in a war others don't support.  A hero is someone who doesn't run when he is afraid.  

At any given time, circumstances can make a hero out of anyone. We are all plain, ordinary people until life tosses us the reins and says, "Here, you drive".


  1. I like to think there's a little hero in all of us and given the opportunity we can raise to the occasion.

    Neat quote, Linda!

  2. Wonderful post, Linda. I am married to a hero and I love that!

  3. This is a great thought for the day - thanks!

  4. Hi Linda.

    Great quote! After I read your post I found myself thinking that if I kept this awareness, I could look at everyone else with the impression that there is a hero in there. Kinda makes people seem a bit more endearing in some way.

  5. Talon- That is a nice thought.

    Linda- Congratulations!

    Margaret- It is - anyone can be a hero.

    Davina- Seeing people from a different perspective, I like that.

  6. Hi Linda .. that idea from the quote is so true isn't it - but we're all heroes in our little ways .. just sometimes things take us & we need to do what we believe.

    As you confirmed Davina .. said it

    I'll be doing what Davina suggests I think - thanks to your quote and post .. Hilary

  7. Hilary- We should all do that more often.


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