Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shades of Summer

Although it is the first day of Autumn, and Summer has officially drawn to a close, we are still feeling the heat from another 90-degree day.  It seems Autumn is just another word in our neck of the woods today. 

Basking in the summer sun
Watching butterflies one by one
Flitting here and alighting there
Of my presence unaware

Beneath the yellow poplar tree
Here I sit, myself and me
The sky above is clear and blue
Nary a trace of morning dew

Though the sun bears summer’s heat
With pavement hot upon my feet
The dappled shade brings signs of fall
Clearly heard in the crickets’ call


  1. Wow, Wow...the lady's a poet, but I bet she know it:~) Okay, that's bad poetry, but I loved this poem and it's good poetry!!!!

    When I read it aloud,which I love to do with poetry, it dances off my tongue. Wonderfully said!

    BTW I agree about the heat. We are also still feeling 90-degree days and I'm getting tired of them:~(

  2. Linda, this was so lovely and so lyrical!

  3. Sara- Thank you. I literally sat under the poplar tree on a picnic table and wrote that just looking around. It was one of our milder days, but 90s aren't uncommon here in September.

    Katherine- Thank you!

    Talon- Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I love it when rhymes work like that. As Sara said, it danced off her tongue - I like that.

  4. Lovely poetry! The words are all so pleasing on the tongue and the ear! Really nice work, Linda!

    We are heating up here in Northern California for the first time since June. Supposed to be 90 for the next week. Icky with no A/C.

  5. Linda- Thank you for your kind words.

    I cannot imagine no A/C. I expect you don't usually need it, but here in the sunny South, we would definitely swelter.

    Thanks for your visit & the follow on Twitter.

  6. love your blog template,
    your poetry is tasty!


    awards for you...
    Thanks for the support to our Monday Poetry Potluck...
    linking is open for about 11 hours, old poems are welcome...

    Happy Tuesday!


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