Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Those Who Read Blogs Together

Have some odd conversations.  Here's a couple blurbs from last night.

Hubby said, "Redhead had a new one 8 hours ago."  
Me:  "Yeah, I read it, the one about..." 
Him:  "eHarmony Fail."  
"Yeah, that one."  He reads for a minute then asks, "what about that guy she had the date with?" 
"I don't know - someone asked the same question, but I read, commented and moved on.   I haven't been back yet to see if she said anything about it." 

"Did you read Babs Beetle?"  
Me:  "I did."  
Him:  "She has closed angle glaucoma."  
Me:  "Same as me." 
As he read through the comments, he noticed one where someone using eye drops not only missed her eye, but actually missed her entire face.  As he started to remark on that, he realized it was my comment, and said "I thought that sounded familiar", and I said, "that would be me."

I blog and he reads.  I think he got into it when I showed him the now famous Junk Drawer.  Any of y'all share your favorite reads?


  1. Linda,

    I laughed when I read this because my boyfriend is kind of like your hubby:~) He loves to read the comments and follows some blogger when he can.

    I though it also funny that your hubby read your own comment and didn't realize it was you!!!

    It's hard for me to share favorite reads...there are just so many I love and each one has it's own special treat for me.

    Your dialogue is always well done. Good post:~)

  2. Very cute blog.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  3. That conversation was fun to read, Linda! If someone's around, I'll share something I'm reading and if it really strikes a chord, I'll remember it and share it.

  4. Sneaky, isn't he... pretending he's not a blogger, but reading over your shoulder to keep up on the latest blogger dirt! You listed some great reads there. Other must reads: Jayne Martin, IndigoWrath, Nanny Goats in Panties, JD @ I Do Things, Pearl Why You Little..., Knucklehead, just to name a few. But then, you already know most of them.

  5. Well, since I really only blogs now... I recommend all those in my sidebar buttons. You'll have a button one day too, Linda!! And maybe before too long.


  6. I really do think bloggers have their own lexicon and those who are not in the know just don't get it. My husband doesn't read many blogs (not even mine, punk) but he knows about a lot the bloggers I hang with.

    He never remembers names so I have to give a description of the person: You know that who's into Anne Lamott? She lives in Indiana and has three boys?

    Ohhhh, yeah?

    She has a crazy story about finding a blue heron in her backyard.

  7. Sara- Hubby has his own favorite on-line reading material, but he does enjoy some of the blogs I read. I'm glad you like the dialogue; it is one of the more difficult things to write.

    Prayer Girl- Thank you.

    Talon- Isn't it great to be able to enjoy things together.

    Cat Lady- I do know and read a lot of them. They just weren't part of that particular conversation. :)

    Jannie Funster- Hi, thanks for dropping by. There are a lot of good blogs to read out there. More even than I have time to read.

    Cardiogirl- Hey, my husband is my biggest fan, and he reads all my stuff. He usually refers to other bloggers by their blog names.

  8. The family who blog-reads together... ;) Fun stuff.

  9. I've been trying to get my wife involved with her computer more. She, through her kids, finally is on Facebook (which I hate, so I wouldn't have taken her there), but that is as far as she goes....

    Loved the dialogue, was cute!

  10. I turned my husband onto a few blogs that I'm always talking about. He gets Daisy & Harley by email now. He does read my blog and talks about something I wrote if it strikes him as funny. I don't always tell him I put something up. I want him to find it naturally. I guess I don't want to be a blog blabbermouth all the time.

    I'm glad both you and your hubby are readers at the Junk Drawer!

  11. Hilary- Hi, good to see you. Sounds like you've been having a great summer at the cottage.

    Don- Thank you!

    Kathy- Hi, thanks for visiting. My husband is probably my biggest fan. He actually reads some stuff before it's published.


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